Should Montreal sign Robert Edwards!!!!!

yea they should!!!!!!!!!

he is the best running back montreal was.....

I really like him as well. As good as a player is, he is an even a nicer guy. You can tell when he speaks that he truly feels lucky that he can still play the sport he loves despite what happened to his leg. His love for the game is stronger than the amount on the paycheck he receives. I really hope he stays beyond his option year. I just love it when someone asks him about money and he just replies that he is just glad he can play football at the professional level. A class act all the way!

Could they get a better running back for him? I don't think so.

I’d sign him, but depending on the price he ask. If he’d ask too much, i’d go with a young buck.

I cannot say enough good things about Robert Edwards. Class Act all the way. He is a better person than he is a play, and judging by his play he's great. Montreal is nuts if they don't lock him down. At my first CFL game last year i talked with him for about 20 minutes, and you can tell that is a guy that you would lay your body on the line for. This was just when he became a fulltime starter. We talked about Georgia, and playing for the Patriots. The Al's would be making a huge mistake if they didn't re-sign him. Yeah he is getting older, but he is improving with age. He turned from a burner to a smash mouth football player. It would be great if the add another running back thats more of a burner and keep Edwards to pound the ball, like a Willie Parker, Jerome Bettis type. How many guys would come back to play football after almost needing there leg aputated? Not too many.

I like Edwards a lot. He deserves to stay here. A two-year contract with an option wouldn’t be unreasonable – gives him stability and doesn’t lock us into anything in case his production declines. He has to secure the football, though. Fumbles were his Achilles heel this year.

hhhhmmmmmm...should they sign Edwards? Well....If Calvillo (who calls his own plays) Gave the ball to Edwards a little....NO...ALOT more in the Grey Cup, they might actually have had a chance to make a game of it.

Of course they need to keep him!!!

I'd like to see them keep Edwards for all of the reasons mentioned above, but there will be quality backs available in a month. Ranek is already on the market, and if Antonio Warren shows up in Edmonton in shape, Troy Davis will be looking for work, too.

I'am not a Ranek fan, he's done nothing the past few years. Maybe Troy Davis, but he's not reliable.

I will stick with Edwards over the bunch of them

I believe that they will keep Edwards but bring another one into camp to compliment his style. One who is a little quicker and elusive. You know, the type that can break a long run from time to time.

Edwards fumbled the ball on the one yard line in the GC,NO RAISE...I like him but he does not deserve a raise. I would like to see Ranek in Montreal but as a slotback, he has great hands and Montreal needs to get tougher at the receiver position with the exception of Cahoon all the others are p u s s y s.

I love Edwards! He is like Mike Pringle. I think he's the best Running Back in the CFL. BUT YOU HAVE TO GIVE HIM THE BALL MORE THAN 10 TIMES!

He'll lower the shoulders and attack the hole. I'd wish sometimes when he has a chance, to bouce outside to the open, he never does it but, oh well, he got to where he is doing what he has been doing.

He's a guy who can carry the Offence on the shoulders, example VS Winnipeg this year, the best Defence in the league. When he's rolling, the opposing Defence is in trouble, AND he keeps the ball in the Offence's hands.

Not to mention, the dude can block as well!

Go Edwards!

I thought on another thread that most agreed R.E. was the Als MVP, and Calvillo did not deserve that honour. That being said, listen up and get it through your head, "CHARLES ROBERTS IS THE PREMIERE BACK IN THE LEAGUE" no discussion,Doofus!

Would I take a cry baby who leaves the game with time left on the clock because he isn't getting the ball, or would I take a man who has determination who came back from what should be a career ending injury in which they almost had to remove his leg?

That being said, I'd take the guy with 100 carries less then Mr.Roberts, because I am sure Edwards can put up the same type of numbers if he had as many carries as Charles Roberts.

Also, I would take Joffrey Reynolds before Roberts.


Just responding to your "Doofus" remark by giving my opinion.

You just can't fumble on the 2 yard line on a championship game, especially when your team is trailing.

Carrying the Offence on your back through the Eastern Final to get the team to the big game is worth something...