Should Montreal Retire Chiu's Number?

Chiu has been one of Montreal biggest players, and i know Centers dont get a lot of props but I would love to see the Als retire Chiu's number. It would be a great honor to a great player and man!

No. Honour him, put his image and number in a special area but do not retire the number. There are only a limited number of numbers available especially for certain positions like o-line and it would be really easy to run out of them if teams started retiring numbers for every great player.

...what player/numbers are retired already?...

^ I was thinking the same thing. I didn't think they retired numbers on football.

The Bombers don’t have any numbers officially retired although the equipment guys over the years have kept Ken Ploen’s number out of circulation since he retired.

only after the league retires the numbers of Chris Schultz and Al Wilson and Jamie Taras and Chris Walby and Roger Aldag and ....

Montreal has 8 retired numbers:

27 Mike Pringle
28 George Dixon
56 Herb Trawick
63 Pierre Desjardins
74 Peter Dalla Riva
75 Hal Patterson
77 Junior Ah You
92 Sam Etcheverry

I say sure, why not? You won't see any Riders wearing 23, 34 or 44 and the numbers of the players killed back in the late 50's in the plane crash. There are only 75 players in camp so I'm sure there are plenty of numbers to go round...

the retired Rider numbers are
23- Ron Lancaster
34- George Reed
36 -Dave Ridgway
40- Mel Beckett
44- Roger Aldag
55- Mario Demarco
56- Ray Syrnyk
73- Gordon Sturtridge

Without a doubt, #68 [u]MUST[/u] be retired beside Pringle on the Alouettes Wall Of Fame/Retired jersey !

As for CFL HOF, rule is 5 years "wait" I think, so 2015 will probably be the year, Bryan enters the CFL HOF !

I think Chiu, Flory, Calvillo, Pringle, Cahoon, Flory should have their numbers retired. They were the special hand that permitted the Als to secure a future in MOntreal IMO>

at that rate, montreal will run out of numbers in the next 10 years :wink:

I don't think numbers should be retired. Immediately after someone who has been a pivotal player on the team for a considerable amount of time retires, there is a lot of emotion among the fans and the team brass. A lot of numbers will end up being retired of players who will be largely forgotten twenty years down the road.

I could probably name a list of players on the Tiger-cats who would likely have had their numbers retired that would leave only about twenty or thirty numbers still available. I'm sure fans of other teams could do the same.

...I agree with Big Dave, the emotion of the day shouldn't drive a number to be my opinion, in any sport, numbers should only be retired for those players that fundamentally changed for the better the way the game was played, like a Gretzky, or as a token of respect for those players who were stars in their prime and had their lives taken from them prematurely...

...that being said, I am all for Walls/Rings of Honour in a stadium where players from bygone days are held in esteem, and current players who wear the number of a past honoured player understand the shoes they are filling...

Hall of Famers? Yes. Numbers retired? Only Calvillo, Pringle, and Cahoon deserve that honor IMO.