Should media trolls be challenged or ignored?

My Twitter feed blew up yesterday when some tool out of Toronto named Dean Blundell, the FAN590 host.....ahem, a Rogers station.....and former shock jock (thanks Google....I'd never heard of the guy before yesterday, so score one for him for the free publicity) took to Twitter to carve up the CFL. The back-and-forth insults lasted most of the day. Not a single response went unchallenged. Not many original ideas here either - it's a 2nd rate league, only popular in the Prairies, all players would play in the NFL if they could, NFL rejects, it's like comparing the NHL to the AHL, Alabama could beat a CFL team.....yawn!

Drew Edwards, a CFL beat writer whom I respect, thinks it's best to leave these guys alone (while pointing out the bigger challenge for the league; that a radio host in the country's biggest market thinks so little of the league that he will unceasingly belittle it).

I get his point. Feeding guys like Blundell makes CFL fans seem overly sensitive and prickly and basically gives him the publicity he was after. However, ignoring him would give him the idea that no one cares. It became quite apparent yesterday that many do.

In his case, I think it's best to ignore him. If he gets replies. he's doing what he wants to do. True if we don't reply, sure he will think no-one cares.

Either way, he is very narrow minded on this matter so no one is going to change his opinions anyways.

It's too bad the league doesn't have a good relationship with Rogers, though I believe that stems from the league being exclusive will Bell. If the rights we're shared, his superiors would be coming down hard on him and he will need to change his views publically fast or be out of a job.

I wonder if TFC fans are irate too. Thought he was subtle, he took a shot at MLS too.

I'd say correct and challenge any falsehoods that he's perpetuating, but do it politely.


This kind of publicity is good for the CFL.

He has every right to engage in this type of blather if it gathers views.

Respond, debate. It's all good. Where is the harm?

It's not up to the media to be cheerleaders. If he is spouting lies and mistruths that is his own ice he's on.

Somewhere on this topic on this board someone suggested the commish should suggest a boycott of Rogers by players and CFL officials. Unbelievable.

well said

I say blast trolls just out of principle.

There are 2 objectives with trolls.

First, they want to get people riled up . If / when you react, they are being fed.
Then they think " these marks are so easy ha ha. "
Those should be ignored.

Second, they have the mind set, " if I do not like this , nobody else should. "
These are the ones that should be blasted.

I just do not get it. If you do not like something . Just ignore it.
Why trash it?

I do not like NFL, MLS , MLB or NBA. I do not go on fan sites and trash them or those who do like it. I ignore.

I have seen it on this site. Someone will set up an account, trash the CFL one time and never here from them again.
These people are a waste of time and air space.

This Dean BLUNDER is an idiot.
Guys like him sit behind a desk with a mike never playing the sport they trash.

I suggest he go up to a CFL player and tell him to his face that they are second rate. Love to see the reaction.

Bad enough Toronto media ( not all ) does not care about the CFL. Yet to hate it, and some would like to see it fold up ?????

They spit in the face of players, coaches, managers and fans. Most Canadians have true passion for the CFL and players and coaches make a living at what they love.
Hours of game film, work outs, planning and prep. No way is the CFL a 2nd rate league.

Long live the CFL.

Health, happiness and prosperity to all coaches, players, managers and fans involved with the CFL.

I tried listening to this Blundell character shortly after he arrived at 590 and it was unlistenable. If I have sports talk radio on that's what I want to hear - - sports talk. Not some inane drivel and nonsensical bantering.

And that's the problem with sports networks trying to bring in guys from music stations and have them attempt to discuss sports. It'd be as if ABC had brought in Kasey Kasem to broadcast MNF. Speaking of which, remember the epic failure that was Dennis Miller on MNF?

Similar situation as this - - a guy with ZERO clue about football/sports and the only thing he can offer is to play the role of jackass.

....The way to deal with guys like Blundell is not buy into their bullcrap...Sensationalist of the worst kind....Don't promote him by giving him any type of recognition ....oooops I've said too much already so I'll stop now and just give a hand sign befitting :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

That's kind of the way I think. When I used to get into online scraps with MLS fans, it was usually due to the fact that they were spreading lies an inaccuracies ("The CFL is on its last legs, MLS is growing by leaps and bounds") that I didn't want anyone from the outside looking in to buy into. I didn't actually care that they didn't like the CFL.

It did have a tendency to go south though because no one likes to be corrected or called out on a lie.

Just ignore him. Most of his claims cannot be substantiated, for example Alabama will never play a CFL team, they’re completely different sport entities. So how could anyone make such a claim one way or another. As far as most CFL players preferring to play in the NFL, who wouldn’t say that. If you asked 100 people if they would like to get paid more for what they do, 100 would probably say yes. I think this guy was described as being a shock jock, no need to read more. You know all that you need to.

Very interesting.

When I get into "online scraps" it was also usually due to me exposing lies and inaccuracies - - "Jeff Doughty and Jake Knox are better MLBs than Greg Jones"..."Al Hall is a terrific DE"..."Shea Emry is a building block for the future in Regina"..."The 2015 Riders will win 10 games easily"...

You confront people about BS related to soccer, I confront people about BS related to the CFL.

Ordinary fans should threaten to boycott Rogers products, that’ll stop the garbage tout de suite

I seem to recall Rob Murphy, ex-Ohio State Buckeye linemen once weighed in on this as he had a lengthy NFL and CFL career. He respected our league far more than some of these media idiots who have no clue (they just parrot widely held beliefs such as the college team beating CFL team myth).

Murphy said it would be no contest for the CFL - irrespective of the fact they're 2 different games. First, college players are not as physically developed. We're talking what, 19 and 20 year olds? Sure, a team like Alabama might have a handful of player go on to NFL careers, but the majority won't make it to pro ball, and that CFL teams are comprised of players that stood out on their college teams. Perhaps not from SEC powerhouses like Alabama, but still elite athletes with pro experience.

Boys against Men.

I no longer do (because I’m largely indifferent towards MLS) and it was when they were factually incorrect, not when they dared have an opinion that differed from mine.

Saying (at the time) that the CFL’s TV ratings were in the toilet was factually wrong. “I think MLS is a more entertaining product” is an opinion that anyone is entitled to have, no matter how baffling I find it. There’s a distinction there.

[i]Talk about picking the low hanging fruit...

When media types do not know what to talk about, or what to do to get attention/ratings, they pick on the CFL.
A-holes have been repeating this same garbage for decades. CFL bashing is a sport itself among people who are self loathing canucks, who think if it's from the USA, it's better...


Yeah, I see the same bashing by Canadians towards BlackBerry that I see towards the CFL.

It is odd, isn’t it? Maybe all nations do that to their own?

The guy is a troll, not worth are our time and effort. That being said, here is what the Troll and everyone like him does not realize.

The NFL does nothing for Canada. The NFL does nothing for the Canadian Economy. If every NFL fan from Canada decided to stop watching or supporting the NFL, the NFL would never notice.

The NFL means more to NFL Canadian fans then the Canadian fans mean to the NFL. (Contrary to what the NFL may say)

However, the CFL does everything for Canada and Canadians

Lets compare:

New Stadiums CFL Yes NFL No

Jobs CFL Yes NFL No

History CFL Yes NFL No

TV Revenue CFL Yes NFL- A little

Promote Canadian companies CFL Yes NFL- No

Grey Cup host city revenue CFL Yes NFL -No

Promotes Canadian Culture CFL Yes NFL No

We could go on and on and on. Bottom line is this. The NFL does nothing for Canada, it is a foreign sport, which belongs to a foreign country. Its history, its culture, its whole premise has nothing to do with Canada or being Canadian. So let the Troll have his fun, because the NFL could care less about his opinion..

Welcome, argofan90. You're preaching to the choir.