Should Mark Renew His Season Tickets?

Here's a poll. Only a day and a bit for your participation to matter as the renewal deadline is Friday. I DID receive a call on Monday from my agent but he couldn't explain the price increase and I think that may be the thing that bugs me the most. At least an explanation to the fans as we know the salary cap and stadium pricing for the team. I was looking for a very tiny bone but none supplied.

I have cheap seats and the price increase is on the order of 10%. MANY others have been dinged with higher increases so you could tell me to keep quiet and count my blessings.

The excitement level hasn't been there recently and I'm getting older.

So..... here's a stupid poll for you and it may just make up my undecided mind.

I have been a season seat holder for 10 years i am not renewing because the raise the ticket prices to account for the giveaways they are doing if they reduced the ticket prices more people would buy between all the discounted tickets floating around this year and eleminate all these bogus giveaways

Well, I'm a firm believer that one stays by the team, if you are viable to do so unless the team is engaging in wanton disrespect towards the fanbase. I for one don't feel the Ti-Cats have, as they went out got players in the off season, managed to keep us afloat with some pretty good young players which if not for the injuries and the league's reffing, would likely have gone further.

Now that said, there are some items that the organization and league need to fix that have been neglected for too long. Officiating clearly and better protection of QBs, although there is only so much the team can do there.

As far as the team though, the concessions still aren't to the level we were promised outside the club level, BMO offers far better beer selection and concessions then THF does, we still can't cross the north side of the field and we're all still waiting on that promised Grey Cup bid, hopefully before 2022, and don't give me the "We need the city on board" excuse. Toronto just got off one of the most lacklustre "bids" in CFL history.

I was considering talking to my group about downgrading my seats this year. However, the Cats have a payment plan that really stopping me from downgrading. If it was gone, I'd probably be downgrading. At least an explanation for the price increase beyond "I dunno" even if it is "Well, we don't have a demand problem anymore" would have been acceptable.

So that all said, I'd renew or downgrade the seats. Just understand that the team isn't it the same spot it was in the 95.

The Caretaker has been giving us discounted ticket prices ( $100 seats for $79) for years. Modest increases are a good sign that perhaps the franchise is becoming more financially stable. Health reasons prevented me from renewing in 2016, after 50 years of holding season tickets. Go ahead, if you can Mark, and renew those tickets. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

I'm come from the opposite side.

I don't think anyone should be convinced to renew their seats.

THF sold out every game last year (don't need to debate what a "sellout" is).

LOTS of folks want to go to games.

I'm not sure the stadium (or this board) needs STH'ers who don't want to be there.

Take a season off. Buy tickets when you chose. If that works better for you - great!!

If at the end of the year you want to buy season tickets for the following year - great as well.

I just notice a lot of STH'ers on this board almost feeling like the caretaker should be thanking THEM.

Caretaker, as a STH'er (who has renewed again), I thank YOU!!!!

I took a year off and only ended up making it to one game. Wished I'd been to more and will look at new season seats in the new year.

It seems to me some better incentives would be well received. 4% off wildly over-priced food doesn't impress but a one-time 50% off coupon to the Tiger Town store (so maybe a jersey at cost) would get my attention.

All I can say, Mark, is that I think my tickets are good value. My seats stayed the same price as last year, and I buy the printed tickets on top of that. I like them and prefer them over a sheet of computer print-out.

I get the complaints about give aways for the "one gamers" but that is part of marketing these days. It is like buying a car and then three months later "employee pricing" knocks a couple of thousand off the price. If you are happy with the product you get, at the price you paid, then you can't really worry about what the next guy pays. To really save money, wait until the end of the first quarter and haggle with one of the scalpers.

This is only my fourth year as a STH, after many years of one or two games or a flex pack. I pay about the same for the season as I did for five games, and just a bit more than the flex pack. So, as I said, I feel I am getting value for my dollar. Plus, I enjoy the game experience. Sure, there are things I don't like, such as the high price for low quality food, and the cost of beer and souvenirs, but those things are under my control. If I don't like the price, I don't buy them. The 'rap' music wears on me, but the kids around us sing along and dance away, maybe the next generation?

I drive about two hours each way to a game, but am now retired, and have the time. Maybe one or two years left in me before I have to stick to only day-time games, but until then, I plan to renew.

Maybe do an experiment for us. Don't renew. Buy tickets to every game you want to go to, on promotion. Log how much you are spending on tickets, and where you are sitting. I would be interested in seeing the cost you paid doing that vs what you would have with seasons.

I just did a little research.

Bronze season tickets are $456 for a new season seat holder. With this you get tickets to 11 games (9 regular season, 1 preseason, 1 playoff). Personally, I don't give any value to the preseason game. I get tickets to it every year and rarely go. If you really want to go, free or really cheap tickets are very easy to find.

$456/11 = $41.50 a game.

Now, the Ticats currently have a promo for 2 bronze tickets + holiday mug, for $59 plus tax. This is valid for every game except labour day. Let's round up and say you're paying $35/ticket using this package, and you purchase 8 of them.

$35*8= $280 total.

This is $176 less than season seats in the same section. With your $176, you can buy tickets to labour day + a potential playoff game, and still come out ahead. You'd also have 8 holiday mugs to give away :lol:

The other benefit of buying those bronze ticket packages is you don't have to commit to individual games until after the schedule comes out. If you realize there's a game on a date you definitely can't attend, you could just get more tickets to a different game. With season tickets, there's no flexibility.

This is just with the deal they have going on right now, they'll more before the season starts, and I assume they'll be pretty similar. I'm really not seeing any benefits to being a season ticket holder.

Man, letsgoticats, that is scary. Nothing kills my arguments quicker than a guy that knows what he is talking about and makes sense :smiley: !

I guess the hope of the Ti-Cats is that by going to a few games at a reduced price, the ticket buyer will enjoy the experience enough to buy season's tickets? Plus they do have the cash from the special deals upfront rather than having to hustle them during the season. For the buyer, it is more about convenience and knowing you will have "guaranteed" seats.

So in the end, it is a personal thing, more than a monetary thing? Either you are willing to spend more for the convenience of the season's tickets or you are not, and how you want to spend your entertainment dollars, assuming you can afford the choices.

Hey Mark.

I voted yes, but it is a qualified yes.

Knowing a bit about you and the fact that you travel in from the Kitchener-Waterloo area for games means that you do need to take that into consideration as well as the increased cost and excitement at the game. Will you be content this year to purchase tickets only to games that interest you? Will it be a better deal for you to spend the same amount on a select number of games and be able to "treat" family, fiends and coworkers to a game or two who would not usually attend. Perhaps some of the professors you work with need to be introduced to Ticats football.

You could also join us in section 109 (family section). I don't know the price difference or how many seats are available but we seem to have a good time. I do see what you mean about the drop in excitement though. I have noticed the same. Do you have some suggestions on how to raise the excitement level at THF? Perhaps passing them on to the appropriate Ticats representative might help. I have had positive responses in my attempts so far. I debated renewing my tickets but finally did so a couple weeks ago after getting a phone call from a Ticats representative regarding some feedback I gave about the experience. I told them I loved the idea of having the bagpipes lead the team onto the field but felt they ruined the effect by mic-ing one piper and pumping it through the system. We had a great chat about music and the dynamics of an open air stadium. They might not follow my suggestion but it was great to receive a phone call and have my opinion heard.

Anyway, hope this all helps and you get the direction you are looking for.

I too renewed after considerable consternation. I've had ST for 40 years and it's become habitual to go to games. I missed three games in a row this past Sept. and gave away my seat to my friend.
Cost for now is not an issue. No amount of bitching will lower the cost of my Gold seats. Price increases are a way of life in every facet.
I enjoy the live aspect of watching he game. Although my seats for the price are nowhere as good as what I had a IWS, THF is a great venue for what it cost to build. Having first crack at Grey Cup seats is also a factor but they better do it soon before getting to a game has passed me by :smiley: Even the misspelling of my name on the Legacy Wall had me so pi$$ed when I was basically told "what a shame WE made a mistake, can't do anything about it" that I threatened to use a sharpie to correct it. They were not amused :lol:
Agree that the concessions are horrible and that the sound system needs a professional company to fix the echo issues so we can actually make out the half time "show" . I spent almost 30 min on the phone with my TC acct manager to voice any concerns I had and although she agreed with some, she had a counter point for all the discounted tickets, 20% discounts for ANYONE , etc.
We agreed to disagree on the "value" to current STH.
As far as I'm concerned, the only real benefit (other than a slight discount) is having the same seats surrounded by mostly STH's who are all good people. This makes the game experience very good regardless of the on field product.
For those who don't remember back when, in 1976 it was tough to get decent seasons tickets. I started out at the very top of section 5 and as fans stopped going to games, I quickly moved to about the 52 yard line in Section 7. Fabulous seats. I think I was one of the "privileged" 2500 STH during some very, very lean years.
I hope for a better on field results next year. I don't foresee any other changes coming to the betterment for STH.
Go Cats

I cant make up my mind because I haven't decided whether I'm renewing yet either! I get tired of people sitting near me for less than I paid!

Sub-par/crazy expensive food doesn't help

According to the MyTix seating chart for 2017 season tickets, both family sections are sold out (maybe that will change after the renewal deadline passes).

I think a major cause of "low excitement level" at THF is that hardly anybody sits in their seats. Between no-shows and people who loiter on the concourse all game, sitting in your seat you feel like you're in quarter-full stands watching warmup.

Believe it or not.... still undecided. Lots of good arguments pro and con. You know, if it wan't for the people sitting next to us then I think I would have already made up my mind to drop. It IS nice to sit next to the same folk (if you like them).

I'm in the nosebleeds across from the Family Section. Alway been a 'way up high kind of guy'.

Man.... the clock is ticking.

Buy a ticket and feed your cats! Remember those days !Grant and Mc Donald cash strapped and just staying a float !! Don't be a pus*sy ! Support your cats!

Well..... I did. Pretty sure it's my last year unless some things change with the team and with me.

I'm waiting very discouraged as a season holder since 93 to see that u can walk in off the street n get season's for same price I do as well as they haven't spoke much publicly since locker clean out surely updates would be nice as oppose to just give us ur money n will see u in june

I hope to get to a game next season. Never been to a game in Hamilton and I am about 4-5 hrs away. But being a hr from Ottawa I try and get to the cat games there.

Going to my first hockey game in Ottawa in early January. Wearing an Oilers jersey though… sorry. :slight_smile: