Should Mark leave for home now?

Help me!!!! Poll open until 9:30 PM.

Stay until Manziel is pulled. Like me.

Thank you all. Though the poll clearly says I should stay the officials made the call for me.

My wife says she's cold and it's time to go.

Temporary reprieve. Watching drive from the stairs.

If you were going to the game, with the intent of staying when they won, then you should stay regardless of the outcome.

Pre-season games are a different animal, to me at least. There is no 'stake' and I don't know most of the players AND most of the ones playing at the end are not going to be here in 2 weeks. That means that I at least hope the entertainment value to be high. It wasn't.

We had only had about 5 hrs. sleep the night before, we're seniors, we were unprepared for the sudden cold (my wife's teeth were chattering when the wind picked up) and none of the regulars who we sit with were there. Finally, once again the video board was used almost exclusively to show pictures of the crowd- something has has no attraction to us whatsoever. Replays and stats were more than minimal. In other words- the factors against us staying were high.

I would NEVER have asked the question during a regular season game - even if we were stinking out the joint.

Just a bit of explanation. The question was asked in fun to explain the perceived low entertainment value last night.

Excellent poll. And I can see the temperature dropping hard out there; I’ve had that happen to me before too.

We stayed to the end. Dressed in T shirt, shorts, sandals sitting high in the southwest corner.What cold?
Another senior citizen

Is there a constituency that actually prefers this? i.e. goes to the games primarily for the off-chance that they will see themselves on a giant screen for a few seconds ... or wants to see random strangers, but only if it's on a screen because they don't like having to looking around at people for themselves.

Because I am pretty sure there is a big constituency that would love to see football stuff up there.

But I'm no sports marketing expert.

You must be near to us. Didn't you get that wind? It was a constant stream.

This amazes me as well. Especially when someone spots themself and then, all excited, notifies everyone else around them that they are on the screen. Or the 'Kiss Cam', when a poor smuck is looking at something on the field and his wife/date/girlfriend/whatever nudges him to let him know they are "on" and do the obligatory kiss.

I thought there were a few more replays last night than previously, and they did show the stats at the end of the half. But after every quarter would be nice. And c'mon! 'Brown Eyed Girl' for a sing along? What are we, the oldies mellow?

Perhaps as the saying goes - when aren't serving good steak, you better sell the sizzle?