Should Marcel Be back next season

Despise only winning one game these player are playing for him and we are being alot more aggersive on the feild i like what this guy is doing.

I like him too.. If he continues to get these results I say bring him back. I think he is proving to be a much better head coach than offensive coordinator.
I certainly like Danny Mac's influence so far on the offence.

Still early but it will be up to Obie. He is the talent spotter and I think he knew exactly what he was doing when he appointed Marcel as HC on an interim basis. I'll bet the two of 'em work very well together and see eye to eye. We are already seeing some improvement in the short time Marcel has been HC so I'll bet he is back next year with a multi-year contract. My guess as to the new OC? Danny Mac. As for the DC...things are too quiet and I don't hear anything about Stubler being approached by any other team. Maybe he will end up here. I think that will give us a strong coaching staff and help this team settle down after several years of uncertainty.

I would have no problem with Marcel being back next year... the players seem to like him, I like his attitude.

Creehan however? No way.

Barring a player revolt or the arrival of Wally Buono MB is a lock to be HC next year.
MB brings an energy and a solid resolve. Hopefully he'll get it turned around in time before his spirit is crushed and the life is sucked out of him which is inevitable for any coach and QB that works here.

Creehan? The org. should move heaven and earth to get Stubler but I'd still like to see what Creehan could do with better athletes on the line becasue the players seemingly havnt quit on him either.

Might be moot point anyway if MB is still the HC he'll probably want to clean house and bring in guys of his choosing.

Obviously the team is much more emotional, hungry and agressive under Bellefuelle. He will be head coach next year.

Makes you wonder what the heck Taaffe was doing. For a former coach of the year, he really seemed to lack motivational skills in Hamilton.

And Creehan will be back, too. You can really see that he gives lots of instruction and feedback to his players throughout the game, and that all of the D players respect his opinion (they listen intently when he talks, and he doesn't have to yell at anyone to get their attention). Our secondary and linebackers are very talented, and next year our D-Line will catch up to them. For those of you who think he should be canned because we gave up lots of points to Montreal, you're wrong. Every great D gives up lots of points to Montreal because they are a scoring machine. Our D made great plays at all the right times and gave us a chance to win, like they have in most games this year. And a lot of that has to do with Creehan.


I think Denis goldmen has done a good job as a reciver coach

I still wonder whether Marcel sandbagged Taaffe with intentionally bad playcalling while he was OC.

People were praising the playcalling change as soon Bellfeuille's HC debut in Edmonton, but wasn't he calling the plays all along? Was Taaffe really enforcing a conservative scheme that tied Marcel's hands, and/or vetoing better suggestions? Or did Marcel (Obie's hire, essentially), see a vulnerable coach and a chance to make a career move?

Taffe after the first couple games this year said he would "look at some of the offensive schemes" This has been Bellefeuille's offense all season.

Im not saying this because we won against the Als, but I like what Im seeing from Marcel as a head coach. As an offensive coordinator different story, but he is a better HC. The players do seem to be responding. Aside from the BC game. We had a very good chance to beat Winnipeg. It also looks that this team is more organized and prepared. I think Obie might have seen something in Marcel. I wouldnt might him as an HC next year. Maybe Danny Mac as OC.

Check out what Obie has to say about MB in his 2-part vids on He's pretty high on him as his HC. I'd say MB would have to screw things up pretty badly in the last 4 games for him not tio be back in 2009.

An Argo-Cat fan

I for one want a whole new coaching staff.

Marcel would be welcomed back as a O-coordinator if the new coach wanted him.

Our team has been awful.
Do not let 1 outstanding offensive performance fool you.
Porter stood on his head, crazy good performance.
Lets watch what happens in the next 4 games.
As good as the offense was, the defense was almost as bad.
44 pass completions against setting an ALL-TIME CFL record....brutal!!!!

I was done with this staff after the B.C. game, and I will not change my mind unless this group proves they want to play for Marcel every week with a strong showing each and every week.

Lets see what the last month brings, but right now I want a proven and successful head coach for next season, and not a guy who seems to get fired every couple of years as a co-ordinator!
The team deserves the best head coach available, and I have a hard time thinking that person is Marcel.

I am not sure who will be back next year.That is Obie's call but by the end of the season we should have a pretty good idea whether Marcel "has the room".Frankly,I haven't seen any quit in this team all year.They are not the most talented team in the league,yet,but the team leaders are certainly doing the job!
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7 ) :slight_smile:

I still want to see the rest of the games. But this guy had the nerve to go with QP the QB with his job on the line, and he knows the player. I think hes making a strong case to be HC. :smiley: :thup: Unless there is a second coming of Buono.

His job was not on the line.

They are not going to fire the interm head coach at this point.

With Casey hurt it was either Williams or Porter, and I think a little birdie from above said it was Porter time!

His job is very much on the line. if he dosnt do well over the rest of the season he's a goner. And with this in mind to go with your third stringer takes guts.

I think Obie had every intention of bring Marcel back next year as HC. Saturday's game just sealed the deal.
Some guys make better HC's then they do assistant's. Marcel is a different guy as HC. Looks and sounds like someone that players would want to play for. Emotion is so important in the game of football and some HC's just have that "something" (you can't explain it) that brings out the best in their players.
Marcel looks to me that he just might have that "something" that it takes to be a successful HC.

I disagree.

The receivers continually quit routes while our quarterbacks are still scrambling...they don't come back to the ball near enough. All coachable items that I have for 2 years now under Dennis "Molson" Goldmen.

I'll say one thing for Marcel, he appears calm and collected. His demeanor is impressive and although we from the outside really do not know as not having the personal contact or can see him in action on the field or in the dressing room, I for one am starting to think he may or should be named as the permanent coach.