should Manziel's rights be traded to T.O. from Hamilton

Quite a news story in the US today.

It doesn't matter what we say on this forum. We follow the league no matter what but this kind of marketing news will pull in more fans, casual fans, or fans we have lost over the years. They will cheer him or boo him and will watch to see how he performs. I think it would create more positive news than negative. Manziel working in the Argos organization under Ricky and coaches could reignite his career. Wouldn't you love to see a superstar come into your ballpark and get his ass handed to him?

If a team can steady this young guy, he would sure create a buzz in the league.

I vote yes with some reservations.

Tell you what... maybe if Toronto could draw more than 15,000 then it would be worth making the team better with any player.

I don't want that Bum in the CFL

The Ricky Williams of the world didn't help sell a significant amount of tickets over the years. Don't think Manziel would either. Not worth the gamble.

He's never took a snap in the 3 down game so I don't see how he could be considered a sucessor to Ray. Kilgore fits that bill better.

Too bad despite the talent, just don't see his head being in the right place long enough to develop with anyone to make a legitimate shot.

I'm surprised that anyone has his CFL rights to be honest. There's many reasons that he'll likely never play in the CFL.

First off he'd have to clean up his life first, nobody is going to touch him until he goes to rehab and stops being a party animal.

Secondly if he was actually serious, he'd need to come here and learn the game first as a backup, and I'm not sure that he's patient enough for that.

Lastly I don't think he has the skillset to play in the CFL. He doesn't have a strong arm and simply being able to scramble around isn't going to cut it in a league with smaller quicker players. If you can't make the wide side throw you can't play QB in this league. It's actually more important to have a strong arm in the CFL than the NFL.

As a Browns fan, I'd strongly warn against it. Dude is hot garbage.

I was mad when they drafted him, and glad when the cut him.

Seriously ? A woman abusing junkie ?

Cheap gimmick....

Hamilton has his rights, but this story must have just been filler.
It must have been an extremely slow sports news day down south.

If he is willing to crap on his million dollar opportunity in the NFL, he would do the same here.

It just seems like everytime a player that fails in the NFL, all of a sudden, someone down south throws out the option of the CFL even if there is no interest on either side.

If any CFL team tried to bring him up, I would have to question their intelligence and sanity.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't he still charged with assault on his ex-girlfriend in Texas or has that been settled? If he is/was convicted or took a plea, wouldn't that make it that much more difficult for him to acquire a visa to play up here in the first place? Then you'd have to wonder about the brains of any management and coaching staff that takes on this trainwreck. I think he has the skills to be another QB like a Flutie up here but there's just no determination there. But football is a side job to him and partying, drinking, and drugs seem to be his full time profession. Your chances of failure with him are high and it could be a career killer. Why would anyone want that headache? Those issues aside, I think he's a lot like Tebow and sees himself as a starting caliber NFL QB and wouldn't even entertain the idea of coming up here and, God forbid, even have to back up for a bit and learn the game.

Other problem too, if by a miracle he straightened out and found a few brain cells, and he was successful in the CFL, any time and effort would be wasted by a CFL team as it would be short term and he would always have one foot pointed towards the NFL.

Just hoping no CFL teams or the league in general are not taking this seriously.

The assault part is why I want no part of him. Drug addiction destroys many and if you clean yourself up, you deserve a second chance (yes, even if you are a spoiled, coddled brat like Manziel whose rich dad has bailed him out of every jam he's gotten himself into his whole life). But domestic abuse against a woman? Get this guy out of here. Bad enough we have Chris Rainey in the league. Are we going to be a haven for every wife-beating player? Maybe we should get Ray Rice to be our brand representative! :roll:

Maziel won't ever play here, but are you suggesting the league pull some strings so that if he does come, he ends up in Toronto? That's some MLS stuff right there.

Strange that Orridge nixed the Riders putting Ray Rice on their neg list but seemed wishy washy about Manziel.

To be fair to Orridge

Jeffrey Orridge ? @Commish13
To be clear when asked about Johnny Manziel, I NEVER said the CFL would welcome him as some headlines have inaccurately suggested!
10:43 AM - 25 Aug 2016

Jeffrey Orridge ? @Commish13
Re: Manziel, we don't speculate on players that have not been offered a CFL contract, so am surprised if misrepresented by some outlets.
11:09 AM - 25 Aug 2016

I don't get this. How can the league do anything once the contract is signed ??? In Ray Rice's case, Jones attempted to add him to his neg list and the league refused. But if the player signs a contract, how does Orridge "undo" this ???

Pretty certain all contracts in all sports leagues have to be registered with and approved by the league. The Rice case was not the league blocking his name from the neg-list (it is just a list) but apparently indicating to Jones that a contract would not be approved.