Should Maas have been yanked sooner????

I missed the Als /Ti-Cats game. Did Jason Maas get yanked too soon or should he have been pulled earlier?? Need an opinion from someone who saw the game.
thx :thup:

I missed it also. Im thinking he did ok.

No, Maas wasnt too bad up until the INT in the end zone that killed a drive.

Mass did ok but I think Chang will be starting the next game.

/agree Sambo. I don't think Chang is ready to start however.

Maas will start; Taaffe said that Maas didn't play too badly, and that Chang didn't play well enough to take over the #1 job. I agree with him.

As said, that interception that Maas threw in the end zone was very costly but other than that, a pretty good game. But Charlie Taafe it looks like doesn't like bonehead plays from experienced players, they will learn Charlie's way eventually or else they'll be gone.

Maas 10 offensive points in 3 quarters....
Chang 10 offensive points in 10 minutes...

Hell yeah I would have yanked Maas out sooner.

Maas played pretty good against BC!

He can get the job done, they simply HAVE to build an offense that stretches the field when you have a back with the talent of Lumsden.

Maas is the better quarter back. although Timmy Chang is new to the CFL, you can't really consider him a rookie. He spent training amp with the eagles and a season in NFL Europa, not to mention he played in NCAA Division 1 A, pretty tough. I cnsider myslef on the small, depleting Jason Maas Ban Wagon.