Should locked threads be deleted from forum?

Locked threads get that way because of unacceptable posts,why just lock the thread? get rid of it alltogether. re ,the one about a ticat star player.

They should be sent to the Argo forum.

If you leave it up then people can read it and understand what kind of behaviour isnt tolerated.

at the very least leave some sort of message outlining why the post/ thread was unacceptable, maybe remove the offending post(s) and keep the thread going.

Not only should they not be removed, they should not even be locked! Only ‘below morally acceptable’ postings should be removed. If some debaters wish to continue to make new points or discuss in circles, let them. It’s their 2 cents worth which they have been invited to contribute. Nobody is twisting any members arm to read those entries. If any member is disinterested with any prolonged discussion they are socially free to direct their attention elsewhere.

If the site mgmnt can enlighten me with a technical reason for restricting the quantity of threads I may be convinced otherwise.

enlighten me with a technical reason
Its their site and they can manage it how they choose. Technical enough for you?

It’s my money and I’ll spend it on something entertaining.

As long as the fans are paying to see this team play, I think that reasons should be offered to posters of blocked posts.

It's true, the mods have the power to do whatever they want with this site, but I debate the fact that it is exclusively theirs.

The interchanges that go on here are of great benefit to selling football in Hamilton and thats what it's all about.

paying to see your favorite team play has nothing to do with the priviledge of posting on CFL.CA forums.

Well, I guess unacceptable activity is better controlled by the website than the league office controls onfield unacceptable activity, since that seems to be what people were writing about. You simply magnify the perception that your head is in the sand by not trusting the fans to police themselves. Who knows, some actual exchange of knowlege may result.
Placing the "lock" on a topic eliminates both the user and the moderator from understanding the totality of the subject. I for one am disappointed in this.

I think it has everything to do with posting on the forums. Money makes the world go around and that comes from the fans.

your ticket money does not pay for this site.

Am i to understand if oil companies raise the price of gasoline up to $4.00/ litre tomorrow morning you would accept it because it's their oil?

I have three options..accept their rules and pay $4.00 / litre. (post here and if it gets locked, oh well)

Dont drive. (dont post here)

Learn to refine my own oil and make my own gas (create own website with own rules)

You are right, mycko,

There is one Golden Rule
'the great unwashed'
are forced to follow.

'He who has the gold
makes the rules.'

Like it or lump it.

Many antiquated managements thought that way until unions came about and changed that vulnerable thinking.

Neither running from problems nor ignoring them, completely solve them.

The success of this forum is dependant on a co-operative between it's management and it's users. Without either, it's existence is threatened.

I voted No But hear me out..

If they are Atleast 2 Pages they should Stay
Anything less they should be Gone

Mycko and Ron:

I guess we'll have to agree to disagree.

I'm with you, laughinghard.

gotta agree there,

this is definitely not the only site on the web to discuss the ticats or CFL football.

it just doesnt matter.