Should knee pads be mandatory?

A great point was just brought during the Bears/Hawks game that I hadn't thought about before: Knee pads aren't just to protect the player wearing them, they can also protect the player they hit. Marcus Trufant received a concussion while making a tackle when he received a knee to the head. So, should the CFL make knee (and other) pads mandatory if they aren't already?


of course. in fact, they should all look like the michelen man when they play. :thup: :rockin: :cowboy:

After looking at some pictures at the CFL website and thinking about the time when a player was being tended to on the field for a knee problem I don't think players wear knee pads. I suspect that some would say that wearing knee pads would hamper their speed and ability to make quick cuts.

I don't think we're talking Michelin Man padding here, but maybe a 1/4" of padding in front of the knee. Presumably on a flap that doesn't hamper movement. Surely science allows for the design of such a thing.

Wrap em in bubble wrap! :thup:

how about exo skeletons :wink:

Given the prevalence of concussions in football I was kind of hoping for a serious debate. I guess that was too much to ask.

I've always wondered why equipment wasn't mandatory for all players?

like many receivers and DB's don't wear knee pads.. heck even THIGH PADS! ?!?!

I think it needs to be mandated and stop this risk.

I personally couldn't even fathom the thought of not wearing them!! :cry:

no matter how much protection they wear, there will still be injuries. Meanwhile, having to wear too much for players who do lots of running is uncomfortable and negatively affects how the players feel and perform. Things like helmets are no contests, but l leg protection should be optional.

Either one thinks it should be mandatory, or not. Not much else to discuss.

Pretty much agree with everything FYB said...

I remember back when I was playing high school football the pants we wore had both knee and thigh pads, I didn't think it was any big deal, it was just the way it was. With players getting bigger and stronger and it seems sometimes that the DB's are getting smaller and having to always go low on the ball carriers it would be a small price to pay adding knee pads to protect players. Like in hockey making helmets manditory, or jr hockey visors and cages, players get used to wearing wearing them. I play with a full ACL knee brace now, and after the first couple of games never paid any attention to it, you get used minor changes quickly.

I'm still amazed noone wears a cup anymore, forget knees arms,spines whatever!!

Who says "no thanks" when told there's this pad we have that'll protect your junk from the 7000 differen't ways it could be could be hit, crushed, mangled and just flat out destroyed but it does have the the dramatic con of being a little uncomfortable and could potentially shave 0.03 sec of your 40 time (according to a theory cooked up by the same brilliant people who decided they would dare risk not wearing one.)

the women viewers dont like the cup. :wink:

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As much as he's joking his idea makes more sense than any comfort issue. In fact that's probably very close to how it actually started. Some player realized he was being shortchanged by the flat confines of a cup and decided(whether it was true or not) that women fans would appreciate seeing as much as he could legally show, after that anyone wearing a cup was like the kid who showered with shorts on after gym class, A coward or less of a man or what have you.

Dont beleive any of that speed or comfort crap.

I was always told that not wearing a cup was more for safety reasons. Cups move around a lot, and the chances of things getting outside the cup and then getting hit are too high. It's always seemed resonable to me that that is the reason. I know my cup in hockey is slightly loose fitting as its more comfortable that way, it will still do the job if a puck goes anywhere near it, it wouldn't if it was someones helmet or shoulder or arm.