Should Joe go??

Well every one else here has the pink pad out ready to hand em out so I wanna add my 2 sense I think Joe no long pass pao pao should go, its easier to fire one then 20 just remeber he didnt do so well in Ottawa they were the only team we could beat!! why is he so afraid to pass the ball these pitches are so predictable and its been the same in every game I just hope the right changes are made for montreal!! sorry joe I love the hawain shirts but your offence plan stinks!! we need to score points!!

YES!...I agree 101%

I see Maas looking downfield but using a second out and dumping short.
This is a qb/receiver problem, not an ocoord problem.

It's a riducluous notion after just three games.

I believe it's the other way around keep make him the head coach and fire Marshall, Greg Marshall has had two plus years of crappy football and not a heck of a lot to show for it. At least give the helm to Joe and lets see how far he can take it, I bet a lot further than Marshall!!!!!!

I don't have a problem with having a winnable game with under two minutes left. We do need a deep passing attack with more regularity, becuase this one is constipated. Missing Corey Holmes as a RECEIVING weapon hurt us...

The question ultimately is whether Deke McPhee gets to be defenisve coordinator before Marshall gets canned or whether Greg smells the coffee and realizes that you can't run a ball control offense and give up 400 yards a night because you are OUT-SCHEMED.

Oski Wee Wee,

I AGREE 100%

Sorry Ticat fans but I watched the same predictabl offense here in Ottawa for 4 years.....the dink and dunk passes, the quick out to the sidelines and running plays called on 2nd and 6. It didn't work here and it won't work there! There's no excuse for Jason Maas not completing a pass over 10 yards when he has the likes of Terry Vaughn, DJ Flick and Craig Yeast running routes for him. Sorry but you inherited inept play calling. Greg Marshall isn't your problem....Joe must go!

I'm with you guys on this one.
I thought I was watching Ottawa last nite not Hamilton. This type of control offence only works when you have a lead in the second half and you have to eat up time.

We must go down the field to open the short game up, not vice versa

Maybe we could steal the Argos play book and gift wrap it for the coaches so they can at least add a little EXCITEMENT. Wahooooooooooo, we need something right now :>))

It's Not Joe Alone This Time
It the Whole Coaching Staff..

Look at our Wr and OL there..

The Tackles are Slow Amercians..
There Just to slow and get Beat by Quicker DE in the CFL..

When They do Protect our QB our WR are not getting Open...

Where Dose this lead to back to Crappy Head Coach & the Staff

Yes ,his offence is based on running backs ..
Go Joe!

I laugh when I hear people say that Paopao was brought in partly so they’d have a HC in waiting if Marshall got the boot.

And to see Ham fans now complaining about offence and play-calling as if it’s a surprise.

That’s how Paopao runs trhe offence. Did you not watch the Gades in four years? Same thing when he was with Wpg as OC and BC as HC.

If anything bothers me about his coaching mediocrityy is that he is so stubborn with plays that simply almost never work and are predictable — the hitch.

The old adage about learning from past mistakes is never more evident than with Paopao.

Having said that, he is only one source of Cats’ problems as far as players, coaches and game planning.

I was a season ticket holder in ottawa and what LB said is true. I was so excited about this year and then they hired joe, I knew right there we are doomed. Get used to the dink and dunk that is all we are going to see.

Ball Control Offence.....did not work in Ottawa and it will not work in Hamilton.
If Joe will not take off the handcuffs and let Mass start calling his own plays at least 50+ % of the time..... then Mr. Joe you got to go.......before we are 6 and 0, or much,much, worse.