Should J'Michael Deane be suspended?

As Henry Burris says, there's no place in the CFL for players who deliberately attempt to injure others. Should the league force Deane to sit out the Grey Cup game?

I'd have to see the play again to determine that, most players don't intentionally hurt each other, it was a play in the moment, just like the clean hit on Burris 2 weeks ago.

Clean hit on Burris ? not according to Hank. If Hanky had his way Simoni Lawrence wouldn't play another game in this league.
According to Hanky players DO TRY to intentionally hurt each other but of course Hanky suddenly gets selective amnesia when it's a team mate of his doing the injuring. :?

Yes. So should the two morons who head-shot Masoli on the same tackle, and the idiot that thought it would be a good idea to do the same to Fantuz.

The block Deane wasn't an attempt to injure, O-line do it all the time. It's also a timing block, a lineman starts the motion down and the d-line is faster and gets ahead of the block. I'd have to see the hit on Masoli before saying much, I was standing only a few feet away and he wasn't sliding, and he ran into a crowd, it's though not to have helmets connecting, that's football. He came out for 2 plays and was back next series.

The one on Masoli was tough. I cant seem to find a highlight of the play, but wasn't Masoli going down as it happened? I dont remember thinking it was an intentional hit to the head. I don't think he was sliding, but didn't he kind of crouch or lower his shoulder a bit?

Chop blocks are not done all the time. 1 game at the start of the season

I don't think it was intentional, I would hope not, But I disagree,It is not common at all
The referee saw the Chop block much differently than you, It must have been flagrant as Laurent was injured and was out of the game for the 2nd and 25 play and the rest of the game.

the chop block was intentional ...quit being so biased photoguy ...I know you are redblack supporter but if you are going to come on here and defend that cheap shot you are as bad burris...first and foremost every lineman knows his blocking assignment and if the d player is in the gap ,..chances are there is a double team.... center with guard etc ...the centere usually calls the schemes at the line ...... so please don't tell me that your guard didn't know that Laurent was not going to be engaged with your center.... and the chop block is an intentional hit to cause injury .... and cold end a players career also.....

The result was Deane cost them a 15 yard penalty and could easily have cost them the game. Has a player ever been suspended over a chop block? no. Should it be a penalty followed by fine and suspension yes.

Chop blocks do happen all the time...

That chop block was intentional. There is no denying it and anyone who saw the replay knows it was a blatant cheap shot, f the REDBLACKS and smiling Hank. He should be suspended for a game next season. Go Eskies!

I, too, believe it was intentional, but not necessarily with an intent to injure. He should be fined for it.

He should be fined and Cryin Hankie should be speaking out about how he should be out of the league or Hankie is a total hypocrite. The only thing that I'm sorry about with Cryin Hankie is that he ever donned a Tiger Cat uniform. I never liked him while on the team and I despise him even more in the past few weeks.

Go Eskimos! Destroy the RodBlacks!

IMO, the hit on Masoli was late and to the head. If I remember correctly, he ended up being contacted by three different defenders, one of which dragged him down and the other two (one he was down) lunged at him, helmet first. Due to the positioning, yes helmet hits are tough to avoid. (I have seen them called in this situation before though) However, I would've called UR for a late hit on one of the 2 defenders that hit him late. If his knee hadn't yet touched, it was very close to doing so. No need to sandwich a guy on the way down like that. That's been called all year and should've this time.

The guy who tried to headshot Fantuz was Kanneh. I remember his long flowing locks. He lunged at him high, very intentionally going for the shoulders or above. It was like he was jumping off a spring board. I think Fantuz was wrapped up by another defender at the time as well. There was a number of these kinds of hits by the RBs that went unflagged. Last week I saw that the Argos like to hit low. This week, I saw that the Redblacks like to hit high (which I already suspected after seeing Mathews being headshot a few weeks prior).

They did only have 1 penalty for 0 yards part was into the 4th. HOW is that possible? But whatever, all the spectators got their wish of a low flagged game, at the expense of the Hamilton players who took some rough shots.

Do I think the chopblock on Laurent warrants a suspension? No. There haven't been many suspensions all year and I've seen worse hits. Suspending him could cause problems in the future by setting a new standard. A fine, though? Yes, he should be fined and likely will.

And I would also like Burris to rethink his statements about the "integrity" of his team. The Redblacks aren't a team full of angels like he pretends they are. But he won't, because in his mind, the Redblacks are a team full of good, clean players who were thrown away like trash from their old evil teams and everyone's out to hurt them/him. They would never do anything to hurt anyone else though. Deane's hit on Laurent, and the hit on Mathews before, was much cleaner than the legal hit on his thigh... so thinks Burris. :roll:

I talked with a former Tiger Cat O lineman at the Y about this hit and he says this is the O linemens biggest fear is getting hit like this. He thinks this warrants a suspension if they don't players will probably take care of this themselves. I believe there should be a suspension if this happened to a quarterback he would be gone

If it happened to Burr-Ass it's all we would have heard about for the whole off-season!