Should it be mandatory for all CFL teams to use

Just wondering if people think that all teams should be required to use for their discussion forums rather than having a separate one? They could link to this site from their own site for the forums.
Or is this a bit too much telling teams what to do? It would get more people joining I'm thinking.

I actually think each site should have there own

I think that it is to much telling them what to do.
I also think that the diehard fan post in both places anyway

Naw, I agree with ro1313 the die hard fans will post on both.

Some people are purists and don't want to associate with people of different allegiances. I say it is better to leave these people in forums were they'll only meet likewise thinkers.

Personnally, I have met a few people from Pretty good guys. Great diehard fans. But the reason I don't go to GoAlsGo forum is because I enjoy getting an input from people all across the country, and sharing your local news. And since I don't have enough time to participate adequately in two forums, I picked this one.

everything right now is fine, but I think every site should have a link to that they can click on if they want, but if people want to talk on this forum and others, they do it anyway w/o the support.

Now that is a good idea!

No. It s/b up to teams to decide.

Besides if all team sites were linked to, there wouldn't be any official team sites where the focus is on that team and with board rules everyone can live with.

With now merged, Cats' fans more or less are w/o their own site.

BC is merged as well

As a Cat fan, the merging of the two sites doesn't bother me. I spend most of my forum time on, and would only visit once every couple of weeks. Now I don't have to worry about neglecting one site, getting behind on all the news and opinions.