Should I Wear My Gown to A Game?

Okay… I know what you’re thinking. No, it’s not going to be me in a little red off-the-shoulder number along with heels and a matching purse. That would be a sight too horrible to contemplate on ANY number of levels. :slight_smile:


I have this black Doctoral gown with velvet patches and a black tam with gold piping on it that I use exactly once a year when I officiate at graduation ceremonies. This year it got me thinking- these are Ti-Cat colours. I asked our college librarian if I could borrow her Master of Library Sciences degree hood (black and gold) but she turned me down (definitely NOT a football fan). But… I could get my wife to whip up a facsimile good enough for a costume hood.

So- should I show up some game in all this academic garb in black and gold… maybe carrying a matching football? If so- then what game? The robe can get pretty hot so mid-summer is out and I would have to call it a scratch on a rainy day.

Good idea or just stupid? Any suggested day and reasons why?

Professor Wee Wee! :thup:

I asked our college librarian if I could borrow her Master of Library Sciences degree hood (black and gold) but she turned me down (definitely NOT a football fan).

What kind of a librarian is she Mark? I may have to use some connections here and straighten this lady out a tad! :stuck_out_tongue:

But I say go ahead and wear it, as Captain says a professor look, and this just will add to the culture on game days I say. Hey, I bought some shorts a while back that have a nice yellowish/goldish stripe down the side and are black and I wear them to the games along with my TiCat jersey.

People wear cobs on their heads, paint their faces
and wear whacky faux-leather helmets at games.

The Box J boys wear “snappy” black and gold kilts.

Be the only fan walking around in a gown
on opening day if it’s not too hot a day, Mark.

The sooner you toss aside your inhibitions the better.

If you need help with that…

call Mark Bowden [ Shecky ] at the Ticat office

and ask him to wear his special sports coat
with 3/4 inch vertical back and gold stripes

and I believe he also has a top hat to wear.

Maybe he will meet with you prior to the game
in the west end zone in front of the Tiger Vision

to give you moral support.


Try get a hold of that Black and Gold hood.

Mark, if, for some misguided reason, you follow through with this wild idea, I will not be there to see it.
But, I would hope and pray that some generous soul would take pictures and post them here.

I had some problem believing you would perform such a seemingly ridiculous act. But then I remembered the show you put on campaigning for the 'Pigskin Pete" opening. Now, I realize that sanity and good taste are irrelevant.

Go for it, big guy! The world awaits.

We'll bring the camera, Wilf. I will do my level best to get a picture for you, but there is no guarantee that Mark will still be a member of the team if I take his picture. (do not insert applicable smiley here)

hey go for it after years of bad seasons watching our cats i say the more people get into the game the more fun we will all have and besides were all big family down at ivor wynne and there for 1 reason so DO IT

I think the cap should be required wearing as well. Wearing the gown without the cap would be a fashion faux pas.

Don't give up so easily on the heels.

An Argo-Cat fan

Unless you graduated from Queen's University, which doesn't use caps for any of the graduation gowns, from bachelors to doctorate. Heck, the gowns don't even zip up, which ruined my plan of going commando at grad.