Should I be concerned

I have to start by saying I'm a long time CFL fan that is both worried and concerned....
In the past the commissioner has visited all of the cities and teams but sad to say he hasn't been too visible..Why?

I travel extensively throughout Canada and have noticed the increasing popularity of MLS in Vancouver, Toronto & Montreal over the last two years.

Flags and games officials need to be addresses again.... after the last week games, the league needs to rethink the pass interference challenges. I think the pass interference challenges started all of this nonsense.

Where are the young fans? I could be wrong but with the popularity of football in Vancouver, Montreal & Toronto there should be more younger fans in attendance.

Commissioner do something.

I won't speak to the increase in soccer's popularity but the demise of the three CFL franchises is well documented and has nothing to do with soccer.

Argos played in the worst football venue in North America until this season with a revolving door of owners, the last of which kept the team alive and nothing more.

Montreal is doing OK off the field, but if that changes it will be because of poor planning for Calvillo's retirement and Popp's pipe dream that he can coach football.

BC has the same caretaker owner the Argos had and he's looking to unload BC I heard. That and a couple of poor season and bad luck with good QBs.

The CFLs main issue is officiating and rules, new fans is not a league wide issue but just an issue with a couple teams.

I scan the crowds while watching on tv and it seems to be a lot of younger fans out there. I also notice younger girls, so we need to show them more of them on tv to get younger boys out to a game. lol

Pft.. The commish is a token puppet. The last 3 commissioners were all fired by Braley for expressing their own opinion. Cohon was a puppet, but still managed to steer the league toward record revenues. This pissed off Braley, so he made Cohon's life so miserable that he quit.
Mike Lysco actually had Braley take his fuckin job!!
Braley has been an absolute cancer on this league for a very long time, and the CFL will continue to suffer as long as he has anything to do with the league.

Sure be concerned, but don't let it consume you. Our league is about to come out of a long rut, and in a good way. I'm quite confident team #10 will be announced soon. Toronto will find it's sweet spot and fans will return, same in BC, and new ownership will help most definitely, with no negativity to Mr. Braley. For the jury is still out on the new commish but I'm hopeful. At present time there is a lot of behind the scenes going on in alot of areas, so I expect to see more good things soon.

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[quote="KevinRiley2"]Why does part of me think CFLZoro is an MLS supporter trying to troll? Because, if I was going to troll the Cabbage Patch, I would start off by saying (quotes from CFLzoro with my changes in RED).

I would try it...ha ha! yourself 'MLSZoro'

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