Should Hopson be getting involved

ie...should he be looking at Tanam/Berry

Or in the mirror. Too busy sellling T shirts, Key chains, bbq covers, slippers, saw blades.............didn't see the actual FOOTBALL team falling apart right before his eyes.

It is not Hopson's job to interfere in the day to day operations of the football club. If he starts getting involved in player or coaching issues we are in even bigger trouble than we are right now. Hopson is doing exactly what he should by making sure the organization is on a sound financial footing and that the management team is in place to support the football club. Having said that the BOD of which he is CEO could fire Taman or Marshall but as an individual he cannot and should not be meddling in the
day to day operation of the team.

Hopson is President and CEO...sorry, but at the end of the day the buck stops at him...he is everyone's boss, and is also the primary decision maker, with support of the board, on who is GM.

I think Hopson is too involved as is. I believe he is the one who decided Tillman should move on, with the rest of the BOD supporting Tillman. Let him run the financial part of the team and keep his hands off the player personnel moves.