Should Hamilton trade the 1st overall pick?

agreed as long as Sewell is ready to step in immediately as a starter.
Hopefully he will meet expectations placed upon him and become an impact player in short fashion.
and if Simmons steadily improves, and Hage remains healthy, Burris should have another stellar campaign.

Dile has potential, although unfortunately prone to frequent errors and fundamental lack of discipline, which have hurt the club on far too many occasions.

Ive never liked Dile, I saw him take way to many penalties last year and I noticed him getting beat a lot as well. If they can upgrade and move Dile to a backup role our O should be looking good again this year.

Don't be surprised to see Cody Husband 6'7" 307 or Pascal Baillargeon 6'5" 300 in the mix. They both got valuable experience last year. Dile did not impress me last year and any of these young Canadians would be an improvement at tackle, in my humble opinion. What's that? Mikem on line#2?

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Hamilton will pick according to need/best players available, but will also consider their depth at certain positions, and the fact that the Ottawa franchise will be scanning every team's roster in preparation for the inevitable expansion draft. The Ticats are bound to lose some key guys to Ottawa, so I'm sure Austin is preparing for that by making sure most positions are at least two, maybe even three deep with quality players.

That's an excellent & very interesting point and obviously has a significant impact upon what the TiCats do with the #1 pick.

Sewell is an obvious stud, but not a lot of rookie Olinemen play get significant playing time in year 1. Ben Heenan did this past year with Saskatchewan, but is that because they were weak or because he was that good or a combination of the two?

I do wonder if Husband and/or Baillargeon and Medeiros for that matter, are more ready having been through at least one training camp & faced professional competition be it in practice and/or game conditions, than Sewell would/will be.

All three players were ranked in the top 15 prospects by the CFL Draft Bureau in their respective years. Their draft stock all fell because they were going back to school. All I'm saying is they were all top prospects in their time and at least have more professional experience at this time.

Makes the #1 pick quite the quandary. Hamilton's depth at NI Olinemen is very good. Do they need a guy like Sewell?

Bo Lokombo is a very interesting prospect. But from what I read in some of the news articles on him out in British Columbia, it's always NFL mentioned and rarely CFL mentioned. It also about graduate from Oregon first and ultimately into journalism. I'm not sure how much the CFL is on his and his family's radar. Finally, he still has a year of eligibility left at Oregon & I don't think he's graduated yet. An interesting "futures" prospect, but a riskier pick I think.

Personally, I think the TiCats will trade the pick. There is not an unanimous #1 overall pick. Different teams have a different guy at the top of their board. Austin will wait to hear from another GM who will covet someone specifically and get something in return for moving down and then the TiCats will get the guy they were going to get anyways.

You never, ever draft in the CFL with the idea that the prospect will start in year one.

Heenan played because one of their starters got injured. I think it was Best.

Bo Lokombo is currently rated as 40th. LB prospect an he still has to play his Senior year where he is a lock to start on a great team. Meaning unless he is injured his stock will rise even more. At this point Lokombo projects as a 3rd or 4th. rounder in the 2014 NFL draft and could rise.

I don't think they trade the pick.

Agree 100% with your first point. Starter impact in year 1 of an NI draft pick is rare. Hence my hesitation with people desiring the TiCats drafting Sewell & slotting him in at RT for this season.

As far as Bo Lokombo ... Heck of a talent and a heck of prospect. That being said, Lokombo being projected as a 3rd or 4th round draft pick in the NFL is a far stretch. Yes, he's currently ranked as the 40th LB prospect for 2014, but that's 40th for 2014 ... Not this year. And that's 40th for those that are seniors in 2014. Underclassmen declaring for the draft changes that. Also, He's ranked as the 999th prospect overall ... 999 players dont get drafted ... 7 rounds times 32. To note further, only 31 LB's were drafted last year. Bottom line ... Lokombo will not be drafted. Invited to a camp ... Sure. Drafted ... Unlikely!

I'm open to any and all friendly gentleman wagers on that.

Lastly, I don't think Oregon will be as strong over the next few years as they have been over the past few. 3rd in the PAC this year at best.

Forgot to say ... Still believe they'll trade down the pick and get something for it all the while getting the guy they want. Saskatchewan and/or Edmonton are the most likely to trade up to get #1.

31 linebackers were drafted last year and he's currently rated at 40 and next season will be his first year starting, it isn't unrealistic to think he could slot anywhere from 20 to 31 . Lots of NFL eyes on that kid.

Lokombo, has been stuck behind some very strong linebackers who were drafted in the NFL (Miami in 2012) and this year Alonso and Jordan are going to be drafted. So it will be his first year that he will be a starting linebacker and I think his stock is more likely to rise than fall. Huge risk using a first round pick on him, he's a better prospect than Greenwood at this point and we all know how that turned out for the Argos. At the very least he will be signed as a FA in the hours following the draft.

What's tough to speculate when it comes to a debate such as this is the mindset of young guys like Sewell or Lokombo. Do you want to be a regular starter on a CFL team, or take a shot at all that American money. When the Steelers and Seahawks met in the Super Bowl several years back, Seattle's long snapper was an Argos' draft pick named J.P. Darche. At the time, he was earning the NFL minimum for a player with just about 5 years experience; $685,000 a year. And he was never big enough to play centre on every down for any CFL club. It's a chancey decision for any 22-year-old to make.

Right now, i am saying its close. Between Gaydosh (DL) & Sewell (OL) for #1.

Based on our history with #1 picks over the past 10 years, I’d say yes, trade it. The Cats picked first in 4 or 6 years ('04 - '09) and none of them are with the team now. However, we do have the 2010 #1 pick. Of the past 10 #1’s, only the most recent 2 are playing for the teams that picked them. 5 are playing with other teams, 2 had their careers cut short by injuries, and 1’s in jail. Sewell is only the one with enough positives, for the Cats, to make me think they should disregard this recent history.

Yes, looking at the past 3 drafts, it seems not many of these guys in the draft actually make it to the CFL. I only recognize a few names on the three lists:

Here's a quick hit list of the 1st Round picks in the last three drafts. All but 1 (Fabien) are/were on a CFL or NFL roster in 2012. Majority are playing and contributing with their teams.

2012 Draft
Ben Heenan Starter for SSK
Jabar Westerman Starting Rotation BC
Tyson Pencer Backup WPG
Austin Pasztor Starter Jacksonville Jaguars
Ameet Pall Rotation Player MTL
Shamawd Chambers Starter EDM
Kirby Fabien Back to school UoC in BC Camp

2011 Draft
Henoc Muamba Starter in WPG
Scott Mitchell Backup Edmonton
Anthony Parker Starting Rotation CAL
Jade Etienne Starting Rotation WPG
Nathan Coehoorn Starter EDM
Marco Iannuzzi Starting Rotation BC
Tyler Holmes Minnesota Vikings
Brody McKnight Competing For PK in SSK

2010 Draft
Shomari Williams TiCats think highly of him
Joe Eppele Starter Toronto
Cory Greenwood San Diego Chargers
Danny Watkins Philadelphia Eagles
Rob Maver Starter CAL
Brian Bulcke TiCats think highly of him
Kristian Matte Backup MTL

P.S. What part of Naples FL are you in?

Your wrong about Scott Mitchell. He is starting in Edmonton & Austin Paztor is a backup in Jacksonville.

Thanks for the correction regarding Michell. But I thought Pasztor started the last three games in Jacksonvile?

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He started because the jags were out and wanted to give him a look. they drafted O-linemen in the draft including 2nd overall. Paztor could end up in edmonton shortly.

Stefan Charles of the Regina Rams, while going undrafted in the NFL, was just signed by the Tennessee Titans.

The "experts" expect the same for Lindon Gaydosh to happen very soon. And potentially Matt Sewell.

The CFL Draft shall be interesting! I can see many of the top ranked prospects falling to the lower rounds due NFL interest.

So who do you draft #1 ... Or in the 1st round for that matter if you trade down ... Especially if you're hoping to have the player report to training camp this year? Spending a high draft pick on a "futures" is fairly pricey & risky!

I say if the TiCats want to ensure that the guy they pick shows up to camp this year, they should draft Ben D'Aguilar.

Matt Sewell has signed with the Tennessee Titans. Not sure if it included any upfront signing bonus $'s or if it's just for mini-camp. But the NFL interest is now confirmed.

Continues to get interesting! Who do you take?

Risk and reward.... Ticats don't NEED to have their pick show up at camp but they did that signability was a major identifier.