Should Hamilton trade the 1st overall pick?

Would the Hamilton Ti-Cats trade the 1st overall pick to fix a major need?

Alot of people want Hamilton to draft a DT with the pick. Would Hamilton be willing to trade the pick to the Edmonton Eskimos for (DT) Ted Laurent? Edmonton has amazing NI Depth at DT but does not have a 1st round pick.

Lets here your thoughts.

I'd prefer to keep it and draft Sewell.

However, Laurent and say a 3rd round pick would be tempting.

If the right offer comes along, I wouldn't be opposed to it.After all, the last couple of seasons we've had a habit of trading down.

Laurent is considered the best Canadian Dlinesman in the league. No way Edmonton makes that trade. Why would they ? You don't trade a proven young NI starter for a lottery ticket.

I agree with you HfxTC


Matt Sewell is a McMaster grad and looks like he'll be a force in the league. His acquisition would also help get the TiCats get to a 4 man N/I O Line.

I'd like to see the Ticats sign Bulke as a FA, then take the best available impact DL #1 overall in the draft. Our D-Line needs a big transfusion of talent.

Honestly you never know in the CFL. I wouldnt trade Ted Laurent either. But the Eskimos do have a VERY good D-line. They have options.


With Matt Sewell you are getting a beast 6'8" O-lineman to possibly start at Right Tackle for years to come. With Sewell being a McMaster grad he is that home grown player we need to build around! and with the trade for Wojt who can play tackle when needed(if Sewell got injured or banged up for a few plays) I see us having great depth with Hage, Dyakowski, O'Neill, Husband, Baillargeon, and hopefully we bring back Sewell's teammate Jay Medeiros as an added depth lineman. We would have the depth to start 4 or possibly 5 Canadians on the O-Line.

With the signing of Shomari Williams and last years draft picks Frédéric Plesius, Arnaud Gascon-Nadon, and Courtney Stephen looking like they will be in camp with us this season, I see our Canadian ratio being a major strength this coming year.

Well said Bonds 88. :thup: :thup: :thup:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

But you do have to account for the fact that we’ll likely be waiting a year or two for Sewell. Matt O’Donnell spent a year on the Bengals’ practice roster because of the potential, given his size (6’10" 340 lbs). Sewell is a much better player than O’Donnell and has tremendous size as well (6’8" 340lbs).

Matt Sewell would be the only reason Edmonton would make a trade for the 1st overall pick. He'd be there pick at #1. But according to Ed Hervey, that is why he traded with Hamilton. Getting Carson Rockhill replaces no having a 1st round pick this year.

Sewell is this year's Heenan. Best Olinesman and he's from Southern Ontario and went to College in town. Only flee in the ointment is if he signs with an NFL team. But luckily for Allemang this year's draft will be held 8 days after the NFL draft and signing days so they will have a better idea going in. To me this is a no brainer pick for Hamilton.

Yup ive been saying that for awhile (on my CFL draft talk post). Alot of Hamilton ppl hated that and wanted a DT. But Sewell is the top prospect.

If Sewell is as good as Heenan, then by all means, sign him. You can always deal some of the glut of Canadian Olineman they will have. Teams will always need NI OL talent.

Sewell is the 44th ranked offensive tackle in the 2013 NFL draft, according to CBS Sports website. That may not get him an invite to a camp, although his play in the Shrine game didn't hurt him. He's worth the wait if he tries his luck down south. The only reason the Cats might go for a defensive end/ tackle is if they intend to start Bulcke , Atkinson( 2012 pick), or Shomari Williams on the Dline. Then the pick is for depth but do you use a #1 draft pick for depth? I'd take Sewell in a heartbeat but my record in predicting our picks is certainly not in Cousin Vinny's class. The draft is going to be very interesting, as Artie Johnson would say, but I would definitely not trade our first pick. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy waiting impatiently for the E camp and draft)

I wouldn't, barring and epic defensive trade with for the likes of Keron Williams or JC Sheritt I wouldn't. There are two top tier local boys in Matt Sewell and Ben D'Aguilar who fill out team needs very nicely.


Austin has said publically that Shomari Williams will be a DE with the Cats. That will be his primary job. He may get work at LB in some sets, but he will be mostly a DE in Hamilton.

With S.Williams signing in Hamilton, and the Ti-Cats just trading for Hasan Hazime. They have improved their Canadian depth on the d-line. Ive said it before, and i will say it again. Hamilton will draft OL Matt Sewell 1st overall.

I think you're right here, and that would mean Dile would probably be out at RT and we would either sign or adjust the depth to make it work.
It may look like:

LT - Brian Simmons Import
LG - Peter Dyakowski Non-import
C - Marwan Hage Non-import
RG - Greg Wojt Non-import
RT - Matt Sewell Non-import