Should Hamilton sign D.J. Flick and/or Bratton?

With most big name OL signed away by other teams should Hamilton pursue receivers Brian Bratton and/or D.J. Flick or try to sign DB's such as Dwayne Carpenter and Julian Battle?

Brian Bratton re-signed with the als, i wouldn't be signing DB's yet, lets worry about O-line and D-line first.

ya but there's like nothing left in the way of OL. We should move onto something else b4 that gets taken away from us too.

Luke Fritz is still out there.

luke fritz and abou-mechrek are still out there,

Fritz is a reasonable back more.

I wonder if anyone will acquire Flick. I haven't seen anything yet. I think he's talented and smart enough to still play unless his injuries are worse than was reported. Football seems like it can be such a cruel sport if you choose it as a career.

Luke Fritz has inked a two (2) year plus option contract with Winnipeg

Bratton yes. Big fat NO on Flick.

Bratton is long gone

Sign DJ.

to big of a risk...would love to if he didnt have the crazy injury and just came off a year like he had before.. but u never no with injuries of that nature.

We are set at Recievers, the thing we need is a good pass rush, DE's and DTs and maybe one blitz all OLB rather than Mariuz who cant get to the QB if he was in a wheelchair with no OL