Should Hamilton Host Pan Am Track and Field or Soccer?

This article by Dave Perkins in the Friday edition of the Toronto Star notes that the bid books for the 2015 Pan Am Games must be submitted to the Pan American Sports Organization (PASO) by Apr 30/09. He states that the plans contained in the bid books are not written in stone and can be altered. His opinion is that the Toronto-Golden Horseshoe bid is flawed because the two largest sports, swimming and track and field, would be held approximately 100 km away from each other in Scarborough and Hamilton respectively. He suggests that Hamilton should instead host the Pan Am soccer tournament in a more compact stadium without building a track around the field and that the track and field events should move to Toronto to be closer to the athletes’ village and the media centre.

Here is the link to the article:

Any comments on the suggestion made by Dave Perkins?

I really don't care if we even get the Pan Am games if it means we end up with a stadium too small for the Ticats to use.

SOCCER, !! :thup:
The stadium stands can be closer to the field if Hamilton hosts Soccer.
This is more of a soccer town than track and field.

Soccer for sure. Track and field is pretty boring. It's like watching water boil vs watching a fireworks factory explode.

Seeing as how Soccer would likely go to that Meccano building set stadium called BMO Field, I highly doubt it. But lets think about this for a moment. If soccer does come to Hamilton, then Toronto would have to build a suitable athletics stadium for the games as I don't think Varsity would be big enough. Now, what would Toronto do with a proper 20-30k (with room for expansion) seat stadium after the games. Can we say new stadium for the Argos. It would be nice to get the Argos out of that Rogers frying pan that is the former Skydome and be able to avoid the MLSE fire that is that future wreck known BMO. What a nice thought: two new stadiums in Toronto and Hamilton at the same time. Of course there is a danger. We have to keep those donkey rectums at Rogers out of it. If they get their hands on any new stadium in TO, they are going to insist that it be expandable to 80k for their NFL nightmare.

Soccer is like "watching a fireworks factory explode".Can you say "nil-nil?" :lol:

Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Soccer. The games will likely need more than one venue for soccer to ensure the tournament schedule is completed when the games are completed (especially if there is a women's tournament in addition to the men's). And Toronto doesn't need two soccer sites of this quality. And, hasn't Bob Young stated that his next sport-caretaking ambition is to bring a USL soccer team to Hamilton?

According to this article by John Kernaghan in today's Hamilton Spectator, leading representatives from the Toronto 2015 Pan Am bid committee and the Canadian Olympic Committee are of the opinion that the distance between a proposed Pan Am track and field stadium in Hamilton and the athletes' village in Toronto will not impact negatively on the bid. They note that the track facility was a 40 minute drive from the athletes' village at the 2007 Pan Am Games in Rio and some of the events at the 2011 Pan Am Games in Guadalajara, Mexico will be more than 100 km away. By the way, some people from the Hamilton Spectator tried the route yesterday and were able to get from Point "A" to Point "B" in 38 minutes. So it looks as though the original plan to have the track and field events in Hamilton is still a go.