should hamilton cut ralph

i havent heard a whole lot out of this guy in camp so far this year any thoughts ?

Broch as well as DJ did not play on Friday that would be an indication to me at least that there position on the team is solid. I imagine we will see both of them this Friday evening a great deal. tcmik

thats the stupidest thing ive eve heard, him n dj r set at there position, reasons why they id not play friday.. to evaluate other player becuz of the depth at receiver right now

Ralph is a big, fast, receiver with great hands who also happens to be Canadian (yay ratio flexibility). The last thing any team in this league would do is cut a player like that. I've heard he's been having a great camp, too, with him and Peterson really standing out.

I would have to agree that is the dumbest thing posted on this site in a long time. Ralph has been one of the brightest at camp so far.


Morreale and Peterson would both be cut before the Cats even thought about cutting Ralph. As a young, fast Canadian, he is very valuable.

Maverock asked an honest question based on knowledge gleaned from media reports and doesn't deserve the insults which followed in this thread. Answer the question, display your own keen intellect if you want, but spare us the judgments about other Ticat fans who just want information.

Yeah, take it easy on the guy.....he just asked a question.

Now, I have read a few EXCELLENT suggestions in this thread though. I definitley think releasing Maas and Ralph is exactly what this team needs:)

peterson will not be cut this year.. just beuz hes non import and has some quality ..

ya that question wassnt even that bad. Ralph was ingured enough not to play the last game and we have so many good recivers so maby he was just wondering if the ingury isnt worth the gambel sence the cats are stacked at the position.

makaveli ,was ur old user name craig yeast5..

We trade a quality player to get him, sign him to a long term deal, all media reports suggest he's having a great camp, and we shouldn't laugh at the suggestion that the team cut him? Nothing personal at all, but the suggestion still ranks as the dumbest post I've seen on this sight in a long time...

That is the most rediculous post I have ever read. (trade Maas & Ralph) Arm chair quarterback for ya!

although it seemed to work for edmonton last year..... lol

its not the dumbest thing i've seen on this site, thats for sure. just a question. (we dont jump all over newer users or out of towners who ask easy questions about what channels/radio stations the games will be on, or the "i've been out of the country for a year and a half, what happened to amerson?" questions. why should we jump all over this one?)

ease up

Change the title of the thread then...don't open with a bizarre comment like that...first impressions are lasting...he got exactly what he deserved!

Change the title of the thread then...don't open with a bizarre comment like that...first impressions are lasting...he got exactly what he deserved!

close it was craig_yeast

Who cares......someone asked a question about something they thought was legitimate. It's a lot easier to criticize behind a monitor than in person.

good rule of thumb there, dont say anything online you wouldn't say in person (of course this rule doesn't work for me b/c i'm a wee bit of an a$$ in person...... lol, generally a likeable one tho... )

but again, it was a legitimate question, based on the knowledge we have from the papers and the team reports (Free Agent's daily coverage not included) none of that really had anything about Ralph, therefore it would be easily reasoned that he was having an unspectacular camp (especially after watching Morreale make that circus catch in the argo game)

of course one might also reason that if Ralph was having a bad camp that would also be all over the papers since he was a huge pick up and re-sign, therefore no news, is good news.... but thats not the automatic assumption.

give the guy a break. its not like he came out and said something like "we should trade cotton and cheatwood for corey grant" or something like that.