Should Fans take this Approach

I came across and interesting article on the Bloomberg site

It talks about the high prices at sporting events and how people just keep paying. Even though it's an American article and it talks about the Yankees and the NY Giants, it easily pertains to the overpriced items at IWS. The Yankees charge $5 for a bottle of water where as at The Masters golf tournament prices are fair.
Where it talks about Seattle losing the Supersonics I can easily see that happening in Hamilton the way the stadium saga is going
Any comments

I have been led to believe that the prices are not set by the team. Since IWS is owned by the city, companies bid to get the contract and then they set the prices once the city is paid a flat fee. Whether this is true or not, I'm not sure, but this is what I have been told by more than a few people.

I'm not going to call Bob a liar, as the team may be losing money but you have to consider, the markup on concessions and merchandise is HUGE. It costs about $8 for a tallboy of Coors at IWS and $3.95 at the beer store for an individual can, never mind a bulk discount. The made in China merchandise costs less then $10 to produce and ship over here, and it's priced for over $40. Keep also in mind, while we don't have as big a fanbase as the other big league teams, our players payroll is a fraction of a typical NFL team.

Any new site is going to bring in more fans that you can sell your product to, if only because they want to see the new stadium. I just don't see how (especially since I've yet to see a business case or the Ti-Cats books being opened up) the West Harbour is this money losing proposition that is somehow going to cause more losses the IWS.