Should Esks trade Jason Maas?

i think Jason is a deserving starting QB. I think they should keep him incase of ricky ray getting injured

Pretty much every team has said they're sticking with their starters anyway, so what's trading Maas going to do? They're gonna send him somewhere else where he's still going to be holding a clipboard? Makes sense to me.

trading maas would serve no purpose. the only weak spot in the esks game is the running game. nobody is going to trade a running back thats any better than what we have right now, for maas.

you add that to the possibilty that ricky ray gets hurt and we'd have no backup. it is just not a good idea to trade maas.

What good is Maas anywhere else? No one needs him so even if Edmonton wanted to get rid of him he wouldn’t get much in return. I don’t see why he is highly rated anyways, he only managed 9-9 last year in an arguably weak western division and his playoff record is not something to show off. And pretty much any qb can get 5000 yards in a season with receivers like Mitchell and Tucker to throw too.

I think Maas is a better QB than Greene, Glenn and McManus for sure. Last years team was quite a bit different than this year. Our defence was a big part of the reason that the Esks were 9-9.


maccoccia was on the radio last week and said the ONLY way Maas is traded is if he asks to be and so far he is happy in Edmonton. He thinks we have an awesome team and wants to be a part of it. If Jason wanted to go they would trade him. I think he will stay until next year.

I would agree with that. I am interested in when Maas contract is done. I am thinking this is his last year and being the team guy that he is, he is honoring that contract with an eye towards moving somewhere else next season.
He is still only 29, but he is such a competitor that I just can't see him happy to sit on the sidelines and watch when he is good enough to be starting for at least three other teams right now.

We are lucky to have such a capable backup. The only other team in the league with this luxury is BC. I would think there are a few others that would like in the situation we are in.


Maas is diserving of a starting job and would be the starter on any team in the CFL exept Edmonton and BC. After the last few weeks in Sask. I wonder what they would offer for Maas, even though I am not a fan of trading a capable player like Maas to a divition rival.

Yes. Trade Maas for Keith. everyone benefits.

If this is Maas's last year in his contract I would trade him out east. You do not want him in a western division team to come back and bite you. If he eaves at the end of the season the Eskies get nothing right now he is worth something. But if a trade happens send him east or you might regret it.

I agree, 2005. Edmonton is better off to trade him while they'll still get something for him in return. However, I can't really see a trade in the works for him - who would he go to, and who would go to Edmonton in return?

Well right now there is not much need in the east but can you see him in Hamilton and poor Khari packing again? The problem with the other teams is they have good #1 QB's but weak backups. They would have to get something where they need some depth.

You gotta keep him as long as BC has Printers backing up DD. Its an arms race between the Esks and Lions and right now its a stale mate. But if you trade him and Ray goes down your screwed.

[quote="PIGSEYE"]You gotta keep him as long as BC has Printers backing up DD. Its an arms race between the Esks and Lions and right now its a stale mate. But if you trade him and Ray goes down your screwed.[/quoteYes pigseye you have it there if Ray goes down late in the season that would be a bad thing for the Eskies. I do not believe this will happen and I never have been a Maas fan but that guy has my attention now just because he has shown class by sitting back waiiting his turn. Good on ya Jason!

its hard to tell if Ray gets injured they need maas but right now they need a great RB :?

jason mass didnt do any good for the esks last season they should trade and a first round pick 2 b.b. for k.c. printers

naw Mass kiks ass

he got 5000 yards for a reason

No you don't trade him you frickin play him

You need depth and a QB to win in this league. Keep Maas! What if Ricky Ray gets injured.