Should Esks sign Free Agent QB Mike Reilly?

1130 Sports is reporting that BC Lions back up QB Mike Reilly has told Wally Buono that he will hit the free agent market. Looking for a better situation to start.

Should the Edmonton Eskimos be interested?
Would you sign Mike Reilly?
Lets here your thoughts!

As the days go by, i keep hearing that Montreal expects AC will retire and Adrian McPherson will stay and be the starting QB in 2013. So with that being said, the options are limited. IMO i think Reilly will target Edmonton & Winnipeg as top targets.

If Adrian McPherson hits the market too, things could get interesting.

Matt Nichols & Mike Reilly are similar. So creating an offence around them would be easier then having Nichols/McPherson because both guys are completely different.

IMO: Easy option would be Reilly. Better option is McPherson. Most likely to happen: Reilly.


You keep hearing that Montreal expects Calvillo to retire.

I do think that you hear "what you want to hear"; you create these false impressions/sources. Almost everyone in Montreal expect Calvillo to return. As I said before,I am 100% positive that Anthony Calvillo will return to the Als,in 2013. Will be confirm no later than december 21,2012.

I challenge you to this "option:

If Anthony Calvillo retires/does not return in 2013, I will pay $150.00 to your favorite Charity, provided you accept to pay $50.00 to my favorite Charity,which is: Société Saint-Vincent de Paul,if Anthony returns.


MMMM I'm not a betting man but from what I heard was they asked AC if he was going to retire and he did not give a yes or no answer. I also heard that he will have surgery on his throwing shoulder (correct me if I'm wrong ) I assume that he will decide to retire after rehab. I base my opinion on what I hear from the western media it may be different from what you get in Montreal .
IMHO I think he will return for at least 1 more season, is that enough to keep McPherson around ?

False impressions/sources? LOL. RichardVeilleux stop drinking the wrong coloured koolaid! I said i heard AC may retire. I didnt say “According to a source” etc. AC always thinks about retiring. The ONLY reason he came back last year was because he wanted the records he was close to. Yes he MAY come back. And if he does good for him. But i DO know that Montreal does expect him to retire more this year then last season. AC is having surgery. He also is waiting the retirement out. I doubt he makes his mind up by 2013.

Non throwing shoulder. And if AC returns, McPherson will be gone.

Also, maybe try to stay in the Montreal Alouettes topic if your talking AC, or even a topic about the situation. Not this one. lol.

Well, how about you accept or refuse his challenge ?

Maybe he’ll except after he gets the GM job. LOL

Yeah CFLNFL talk about hypocrisy! You start a thread about Mike Reilly, but then YOU make the first claim on AC.

Now either you take the bet proposed or you don’t. Don’t chastise Richard. Man up either way!

Otherwise you are right about staying on topic but YOU are the one who threw in that red herring on Calvillo as definitely would not go unnoticed in any thread on the entire forum, and don’t give us the “but this is an Eskimos thread” BS in your lame-butt defence when making such a claim under the guise of perhaps your own speculation.

Otherwise for the Eskimos I like McPherson over Reilly but either one would be great as we continue to groom Nichols.

The Edmonton Eskimos are interested in QB Mike Reilly of the BC Lions. A report today suggested Edmonton is interested in making a trade for Reilly's rights. The trade would be for a conditional draft pick. If this deal would happen, Edmonton would have a short window (but first crack) to signing Reilly.

Stay tuned for more details.

Link ?

Working on it. Stay tuned.

“Working” on a link???

You sound oddly familiar… kind of like that guy on twitter who pretends to have inside info. on the Esks/Oilers all the time…

im not working on a link. Im working on getting confirmation. And if the sources deside to post it, or write about it. i will post the link.

im not on twitter.
"Working" on a link????

You sound oddly familiar... kind of like that guy on twitter who pretends to have inside info. on the Esks/Oilers all the time....

TO CFLvsNFL:As I wrote on November 21,2012, Anthony Calvillo will return with/to the Als in 2013; was confirmed yesterday.


Congrats, Richard, you were proven to be correct.

Now, maybe the O/P will finally answer your challenge:

He was reminded on multiple occasions to respond:

Maybe now he’ll man up.

I won’t hold my breath. . .

Well I"m certainly glad I didn't hold my breath.

Quite plainly he got his butt kicked and rightfully so this time :lol:

This guy should be forced to put "RUMOUR" in his thread titles and stop pretending that he is the source of the information. A lot of the stuff he posts comes out on twitter from someone like Dave Naylor then the OP posts about it and words it to make it sound like he has "sources" who tell him this info. And now he's doing it on the main board too (see Austin threads)...kind of pathetic.