Should end zone dances be a fine ?

What do u think ?

like come on Gavin Walls of winnipeg got fined 500.00 for a late hit on Anthony Calvio when his defensive coordinator told him to be more aggressive.

Whats that all about
if u give fines for that give fines for endzone celebrations.
They fine for endzone dances in the Nfl do it here! :cowboy:

This is not the No Fun League, and the dances are entertaining to watch. You dont see anyone grabbing pom-pom's or a cell phone to call his mother, just dances. Some are creative and involve a few players from the team that just scored, just about every team does these types of celebrations.

yea the normal ones but friggin calgarys line dances that copeland payed to take class's so he could use them in the end zone -_-

IF that were the Case All Calgarys recievers would be bankrupt..LMAO!!..

Seriously though.. I see the Riders doing it as well.. its tasteless and classless..I say stringem up if the fines dont work :slight_smile:

lmao true :cowboy:

lmao did u see what holmes was trying to do ? anyone no what that funny dance was ?

those kinda stuff is fine cuz its funny

i hate endzone dances but outlawing them would suck..

but someone has to tell Nik Lewis and Copeland TO STOP DANCING AFTER EVERY FIRST DOWN..

Holmes always did some sort of happy dance..he's not a taunter..was sorry to lose him .. I have to admit though although I hate Edmonchuk..they do have the classiest recievers in the league..NO SHOWBOATS

No kidding its not that big of a deal.. :cowboy:

yah for soem reason we never have had any showboats, i personally like the best receiver in the league tucker, because he doesnt talk at all, he makes his catches and goes back to the huddle, it looks realy professional.

But yah dancing after veery first down gets stupid, the one Nik Lewis should have gotten fined for stupidity was when he crawled through the ads last year

yep , and yea tucker rawks

i'll support that all the way

Why dont we make all u eskimo fans
happy and fine any receiver in red who
makes a catch a couple hundred dollars.

Happy boys!!

Give me a break.....its a game, let the boys have some fun.

well he is the best receiver in the cfl.

Who NIk???

We finely agree on something. Good on
you rickyraw.

its not fun its emberrasing. the real professionals in the game dont do that..the morons from calgary do that

nik best ? no , unless its runner up award for best showboat

nik best. yes. thank you.

nooooo best receiver in the league

is the guy leading the league in yards


nik ? best ? oh no . copelands best showboat nik's runner up

Best reciever goes to tucker all the way