Should Edmonton trade Maas for one of Sask's Running backs?

What do think of a Mass and Corey Holmes/Kenton Keith trade?? It might backfire on edmonton when they play saskatchewan, but they would have a solid running game. What do u guys think? :roll:

I don't like it.

Right now Nealon i splaying good in Saskatchewan. Even in Calgary's game he was 24-35 passing with 296 yards, no int. and 1 td. If French or Grant could catch he would've been 28-35.

So basically I don't want to make Edmonton a lot better for a back-up qb.

  1. Nealon is doing good.
  2. Crandell is an appropriate back-up already.
  3. Sask has no need to send a dangerous runner to one of its biggest rival.

Not even interesting for Sask...

Are you on glue? Why would we trade one of our most powerful offensive weapons for another backup QB. I believe Maas is a good QB but not a run oriented QB and we have a run oriented team. If we wanted a passing QB instead of a deadly running game, we would have traded one of our runners in the off-season and offered Burris more money. No Thanks. We have our team and I for one am quite happy with it. Except for that little bump in the road on Saturday. Man I can't wait till Friday to get this terrible taste out of my mouth.

Go Riders!!

Agreed, Plus if Ray goes down, I dont want to see anyone else but Maas in the pivot postion, he knows the offence, and passed for over 5000 yards last year, he is a great backup to Ricky Ray. Maybe hamilton would trade Davis for one of our receivers that can actually catch the ball.. ok Gaylor for Davis... lol.

Johnson seems to be a capable QB. You may not need Maas as bad as you imagine. He would probably help you more by being traded for something you need, like a runner.

Come on... send him to Montreal... we've got Michael Jenkins for you.

Yeah, never gonna happen. Sask would never give up a quality running back to a Western team in the middle of a season. Especially for another QB. Greene is a fine quarterback, he's proven himself so far this season. And Edmonton's QB situation is too sweet. Maas is definately good enough to start, yet he's happy being a backup to Ray. That's a rare situation. And if Edmonton made such a trade, think of how stupid it would look if Ray went down...

It’s never going to happen but in a way I wouldn’t mind it. Imagine… Keiths or Holmes??? man… Esks would be incredible with one of those guys. The only thing lefft to improve after that would be our O-line. I wouldn’t want to trade Gaylor though. He’s young and he’s looking really good at the moment. I think Johnson is a very capable QB though and I’d like to see him out there once in a while. I think Maas would be of more use for us if we trade him but hey! I don’t mind having him as a back-up. I think we’ve got the best 1-2 in the league.

........try like a government ignored pothole the size of a Home Depot hot tub that made you spill yer goddam doubledouble on yer lap, lose half yer load of hay and an almost new muffler that just fricking got installed last Fall....... like that will never happen as neither team really benefits overall........unless the EEs have something brewing on the PR don't look for an upgrade in the running deparment soon........your passing game will need to carry the load.......

.......and Crandell will be an acceptable backup, but if nealon goes down for an extended time so will the riders chances of making the playoffs, Crandell can step in and save a quarter or two, but he won't carry the team for weeks........

Oh yeah, that is what I meant to say. :smiley:

......don't fret Doc, it's still just a pothole........

More than half of those yards were when Calgary was in Prevent.

I think this is the closest Nealon has come and will ever come to throwing for 300 yards in a Rider Uniform.

Does anyone remember why Nealon Greene went to Saskatchewan in the first place?? Cause Jason Maas was the better QB in Edmonton and Nealon couldnt cut it, lets face it, Nealon would NOT be the starter if Maas came to town, sure he doesnt have the speen Greene has, but he has much better awareness and passing ability then Greene will ever have. Sask shoulda kept Burris for the long run. Nealon is unreliable.

The reality of the situation is that the Riders were trying to maintain a great football club with two good QBs on a budget. They offered Burris everything they could afford and he turned them down for an unrealistic contract in let's buy a team land. I still have faith in Nealon, but truth be told I would rather have them both. It's not like we chose to get rid of Burris. Burris chose to leave.

Go RIders!!
Go Nealon!!

This would never happen, sending a running back for a proven Qb...Sask would have to send #1 draft pick, Holmes, some body else who might be worth something and ten of there finest tractors...average running back
career being 3,4 years..proven qb 8,9 years

Would $50 and a case of Pilsner be good enough?

I'd say just take the $50, you don't want that Pilsner stuff...

Will never happen... Maas and or Printers will be going East ... I would take signing Booris but he left for more $$$$ and came back to bite our ass.
Division rivals dont want to give any edge or reason for another player to come back and haunt them... too risky

Why in the hell would Saskatchewan even consider that? Maas would not be a starter because i know Barrets coaching style and he would play Nealon. Also taking away those guys would mean taking away the running game and that is our strong point. Keep dreaming.

Maybe if the Riders had Maas, they could put him in for passing plays, then put in Greene if it’s going to be a run.

God knows that for whatever reason, Greene can’t hit a receiver more than 5 yards past scrimmage this year.