"Should Drew Edwards take a vacation during the season "

I say no. At least, he should make updates, as he’s paid to do.
Kinda unprofessional, I say.
Steve Milton has (sort of) picking up the slack, but there’s no info on Saunders, few updates, etc.

Discuss before the mods lock this thread?

can’t believe this is a thread.


no vacation for Mr Edwards between June and November?

All his vacation must be in December through May?

odd viewpoint.

There are a small number of posters on this board who have longstanding antagonism towards Drew Edwards for reasons unrelated to his vacation. Those are the only people I’ve seen complaining.

Are we really reduced to debating the Spectator’s vacation policy and a reporters decision about when to take his legislated/bargained time off?

Apparently so.

Only if you want to!

Would you let Drew Edwards (or anyone else) dictate when you should take a vacation?

Interesting post. i was just going to write…

It appears Mr Edwards has had some longstanding antagonism towards Kent Austin and lately Johnny Manziel, shouldnt a journalist try to park his personal feelings at the door when writing articles for the Spec vs his own personal website/blog? or is he trying to be the CFL’s Jim Rome?

Since the last thread was locked for having a natural progression of discussion that wasn’t EXACTLY what the title described, I move that we change the thread title of this thread to: The Myriad Reasons Drew Edwards has let Tiger-Cat fans down.

Note from the mods: I tried to accommodate the new discussion and split the Manziel concussion topic on the weekend but the software would not cooperate

From reading Drew's personal comments on life, not related to sports, columns in my week-end paper, it appears Drew is married and has children. Maybe they get to have a family life outside of the Tiger-Cats, enjoying, oh I don't know, something like a summer vacation with a husband and father?
Since the last thread talking about this topic was locked and there wasn't a chance to reply to this non-sense comment:

I hate to take it back to hockey, but hockey writers, typically wait for the all-star break and the off-season to take their vacations. With breaks in said vacations for Free-agency and the Draft.

Take notes Drew.

How many members of this board are subscribers to the Spectator?

Actually, I AM told when I can take my vacations. Although there is some flexibility, there are specific periods during which I may take my leave.

I subscribe to the Spec.

This is an absolutely shameful discussion about someone else’s career and personal life.

If there’s an issue with Drew it’s up to the EMPLOYER to handle in private not anonymous posters to question.

I’d be really pi$$ed if I was Drew.

Guys… come on. Like I can’t even comprehend this thread. I fervently hope it was a joke.