Should David Braley sell the BC Lions?

Should David Braley sell the BC Lions.

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Should Brayley quell the media firestorm and sell the Lions.

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I think Braley should sell the lions after the 2012 grey cup.

this gives us a chance to see how this arrangement with the league and the two teams works...

They talked about transparency fairness and competitiveness, I want to see this actually come to pass.

I kinda of want him to sell the Leos, only because say the Argos trade for a BC QB, everyone will question that move. There has got to be an rich person or company in Canada that would love to own a CFL team.

Yes, David Braley absolutely should sell the BC Lions. (but that won’t happen)

Question is, if Braley is commits to turning Toronto into a financially successfull franchise what viable owner would buy the BC Lions, if no one (that fits the CFL’s desired credentials) is willing to buy the leagues “most important, and most historic” franchise?

The whole thing is god awefull, and leaves a foul taste in this very, very loyal fan’s mouth.

I don't care what he does and how a trade plays out because even with 2 individual owners you often see in any sport a trade that was just not good for one team. So it doesn't matter to me.

I dont understand why people arent more upset with one man owning two teams. This is embarassing to the image of the league. I dont care if the day-to-day operations are legit, there is always the perception of cheating.

Where is Cohon in all this? This is our leader? I know the Commisioner is paid by the owners, but is this guy just a lapdog? Dont the other owners have an issue with this?

If he puts the team for sale today, that team will be bought. Guarantee it. Some people think that because nobody wanted the argos, nobody wants to invest in the CFL. To me it's not that simple.

But anyways, it's moot, because Braley has stated he wants to keep both teams for at least 2 seasons. Not a coincidence that BC is hosting the Grey Cup in 2011 and Toronto in 2012..

...this is probably the single-most best proof that this move (double ownership) is something not to be worried about...If there were a problem the owners of the other six teams would be up in arms, your local radio stations and newspapers would be relaying their disgust in this maneuver, and the threats of lawsuits to prevent it....

...but the newswaves are strangely least in my town, how about yours?...

....this tells me the other owners see the logic in it, and although they, like us, probably wish a new legit owner surfaced to buy the argos they realize that isn't going to happen anytime soon, and are thankful to Braley for stepping forward....

Cripes... Why do people insist on criticising Cohon. If you people bothered to check, you'd realize that Cohon has already spoken about the issue.

Braley should definitely sell the Lions... if I were Cohon, I would definitely thank Braley for his work to keep this league alive, but then politely tell him that he can't own 2 franchises...

oskee, you're taking a far too gloomy attitude to something where it's not proven at all that the image of the league is worse off with Braley owning 2 teams. And what exactly is image? Will image result in lower or higher ratings? Lower or higher attendance? It doesn't follow from logic that because one man owns 2 teams that therefore the image of the league, the perception of the league is necessarily worse because of this when nothing has been played out in the long run. Look at the Coyotes and Balsillie situation in the summer, there were articles saying the integrity of the NHL is bad because of this, the league looks like a joke etc. And yet, guess what? People are still going to NHL games, watching on TV etc. In fact, you rarely hear about the Phoenix situation right now except for the fact they have an excellent record in the NHL.

I agree with you completely Sambo. As for Chief, I havent heard Cohon say anything. I'd like to read what was said but I'm sure it's PR bullcrap.

Maybe Cohon doesnt have enough time to look into this issue because he's too busy trying to knock down the number of Cdn starters to 4.

This league has a credibility problem with a number of people (unfortunately) and having one man owning two teams, no matter how sincere, is a step back to the days of the Gliebermans, Pezim, Chen etc.

Earl, the emperor has no clothes, right????

Image is something that the CFL has been fighting to regain for two decades. The image that the league and the TSN production have worked is the reason behind the improved ratings, attendance, etc.

Having dual ownership leaves the league open for criticism and scrutiny every time there is a transaction between the two clubs. I have nothing against Mr Braley, the Lions have been a model of consistency with him there.

But surely there is at least eight people in Canada that can afford a CFL team. Hopefully one in BC.

So what if there's criticism and that? So what? Every league has that. Prove to me that the image that will be surely tarnished for the CFL with this dual ownership will result in poorer TV ratings, poorer attendance and I suppose in the end, the end of the leaugue. Prove it and you can't, no one can. Give me a definition of image and what that will exactly mean for the CFL in 2 years time or whatever years time.

Interesting point, I bet he'll sell the Lions next season prior to Grey Cup to get a maximum on his investment. Plus attendence should be high playing outdoors this season. This Braley is a smart guy. :cowboy: