Should College Football (NCAA) be Banned?

Heard about this article, so I looked it up. Just throwing it out there for your perusal. Personally, I think it would be easier to ban college parting instead. To much money to be made - by somebody.

Why College Football Should Be Banned: The costs are high, the benefits to students are low, argues Buzz Bissinger. And academics pay the price

If they did that where would the CFL get it's star players from?

Penn State and Miami should be banned for two years each so that an example is made out of each of them for the improvement and accountability of any and all programs who intend to actively tolerate and/or cover-up criminal conduct if not also encourage it.

Banned i dunno .. for penn state why punish the athletes for something a coach did ..i know a statues that needs the saddam statue treatment i'll supply the big rope ...

same for miami .. the whole program needs to be gutted from the top down but to punish those that had nothing to do with it is wrong and some good innocent players are kind of locked in with scholarships and such not so easy to just transfer

Really Paolo? BOTH should get 2 years? One situation was only about 1,000,000 time worse, no?

Yes really, and sure when kids are affected it is worse though of course the full extent also of what all those Miami players did for years via a convicted felon has yet to be uncovered.

Rather than judge one over another, make both examples now I say.

Otherwise the NCAA game will continue to rot as it has for years including via the BCS BS that they are finally attempting to fix in 2014.

It won't be long before players are paid openly too, and top high school recruits are already asking for more than ever openly that is not financial and getting it.

Are you serious? Penn State should be banned from football for what they covered up.

You know what came out of Miami goes on at all big schools.


Are you serious? Penn State should be banned from football for what they covered up.

Yes, as I stated before, two years.
You know what came out of Miami goes on at all big schools.
With a few players for most big programs yes. With a whole program associating regularly for years with a convicted felon and the school also accepting his stolen money as if no one in charge knew -- uh no that's only in your beloved Miami.

Two years for them too!

No one down here in Florida whom I have ever met even before I moved here, who lives anywhere else but South Florida/Miami-Dade, likes that part of Florida because truly it is a dump as it has been for at least 30 years.

Other than its status as a prime global drug trafficking metropolis, South Florida will always be "Tropical New York" as I thought it was on first and last trip there in 1999.

And so the university went with that awful territory and enough is enough.

If you visit down there keep yourself safe for sure.

Penn state should be punished for trying to cover things up ...

But the students and most of all the players did not cover it up .. the students and the players did not assault kids ..
so why should they be punished too ?

it's like a teachers strike .. go and hurt the ones that have nothing to do with it

that is just over zealous ..

Have to agree with dawg more or less. However sports should not be the primary focus of university and people should look at a career rather than an athletic scholarship to get them the education they want. I'm sure there are many people in all of the US colleges who don't give a crap about the football or basketball teams and how the athletes are catered to like heroes while not being bright enough, some, where they shouldn't even be in university but because they can dunk a basketball or run for td's they are there.

So don't ban Penn State but require that a certain percentage of their profits from sports go towards sexual abuse centres and education/research programs.

Last I checked a CFL player an NFL player a NBA player ..or any pro athlete in a sport is a career

Yes and those of us pursuing careers do not get third and fourth chances after substantial criminal conduct. The NCAA athletes should be held to the same standard for any crime of violence, drug trafficking, or financial fraud just as are the rest of us.

And if they have such an offence on their records, they do not belong in an NCAA program and the coaches and administrators should not be covering up for them and so forth.

You can't just blame the rough backgrounds of some of the athletes at this point. I blame more the coaches and administrators, but some of those guys do not belong on a college campus that is government-funded and/or takes government funds for any given contract. They are not being educated for the most part at all anyway.

Careers yes dawg but I've heard less than 5 percent of players at the NCAA level ever get to make a career out of pro basketball or football. Now take a teacher in teachers college, an accountant etc. in university, you graduate with a degree and my guess, just guessing, is you have a much better chance than less than 5 percent of being a teacher, an accountant etc. But I might be wrong, I'm sure you'll find a way I'm wrong with this statement... :? Or a sheet metal worker, electrician, mechanic in an apprentice program, again, just a guess that the success rate is better than less than 5 percent...

Agree Paolo.

The appropriate punishment was announced for Penn State today with far more coming via civil litigation to last for years as well as other violations of the law:

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I lived in PA for two years, and I can tell you from experience living there that I am not quite as surprised at the cover-up involved.

Pennsylvania has more law enforcement departments than any state at over 1200. Instead of by county or city as in most states, local government including law enforcement is run out of townships or boroughs with the exceptions of the cities Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

As you get more fiefdoms result from fragmentation of local government, you get with it more corruption and homer favours and the like.

Even the people living there especially all their lives do not venture far out of their stupid township or borough and are big-time homers at even the local level.

No, its sheer craziness to ban an entire league for the actions of one school... maybe academics should be more closely monitored, and that bogus "cirriculums" and "classes" should be totally done away with, make the student on a scholarship actually earn his degree, and if a player/players fail classes, then no football... and standardized tests for all football players should( and probably already are) in place. Out of all the universities, I do not for a minute believe that PSU is the only school were abuse, sexual or otherwise, is going on... and more coverups could be out there.

No question sambo.