Should coaches get guaranteed contracts when players don't?

Right now, the CFL clubs can throw players to the curb like garbage, while coaches get guaranteed contracts.
I don’t think they should.

In the past couple of years, I’ve seen players get cut, some after getting injured, while the clubs are obligated to pay coaches who run their teams into the ground. Coaches like Doug Berry & Mike Kelly should be tarred, feathered & tied to railcars.

Football is the only pro sport that doesn’t offer players guaranteed contracts. I like that & would like to see the coaches & front office staff treated the same as the players. People shouldn’t be rewarded for incompetence and misconduct.

Yea because all Doug Berry did was take his team to 3 straight playoff appearances and a Grey Cup game that he would of won had his starting quarterback been available.

And this year Doug Berry is running the offence in Saskatchewan, and they just happen to lead the league in 8 of 15 offensive categories: most points scored, most TDs scored, most TDs passing, most TDs rushing, most field goals, avg points per game, most first downs, and most yards net offence.

lets see, 8 team league. 6 teams make the playoffs. oh yeah, making the playoffs 3 yr in a row is a real major deal.

some times teams make it farther than they should, in spite of the coach. The 88 lions for example. Worst HC they ever had, and they almost win the cup if not for someones brain fart at the end.

Not my intention to dis Doug Berry. Dont have an opinion of him one way or the other. Just challenging your points.

Worst coach according to you ? Your an expert on pro coaching ? Berry wasn't warm and fuzzy, but three solid years wasn't a accident ! Was he the best coach the Bombers ever had, no . Far from the worst coach the Blue ever had !

Did you miss where he said 88 Lions? I don't believe he was calling Berry the worst coach the Bombers have ever had.

There's far less coaches on a given team than there is players so it's tough to compare them. When team's falter coaches are often some of the first to go. Pretty much every coach is going to get fired, I think guaranteed contracts isn't a bad thing for the 8 or so coaches on a team.

Still thought it was no big deal getting to a Grey Cup game and making the playoffs !If you get to a Championship game you have made some right decisions ! When things go wrong the coaches are the first to be blamed and fired, they deserve the credit when their teams win !

Uh you have a few points that are incorrect.

  1. you are not allowed under the CBA to cut a player when he is injured! NO EXCEPTIONS!

  2. Players cannot have guaranteed contracts or else the budget for each team would be way too high!

think about all those players every team brings into camp at the start of the season? they cut close to half of them before the season starts.. so how could you possibly have guaranteed contracts there?

  1. coaches don't get cut. so they have to be paid. that's the whole point is players are players and are expendable.. you have to find the best players you can to win! coaches are not expendable.

I don't believe most coaches have guaranteed contracts in the CFL, only Head Coaches, whose contracts must the guaranteed by league rules. Teams have agreed that Coordinators contracts will also be honoured, if the fired coach doesn't take another job in football. With all other coaches, it is up to the team to decide if a fired coach will be paid and/or for how long.

Most CFL players do have their contracts guaranteed after Labour Day for the remainder of the season. (4-year vets and older)

Assistants have guaranteed contracts as well but the difference is 99% of the time they are one year deals. I also don't think that's true about not honouring a contract if they are fired and get another job in football. The Bombers had to buy-out a bunch of contracts of the assistants this past off-season because Kelly had signed almost all of them to 2 year deals. A lot of those coaches did get jobs in football for this season.

Don't players now get some of their money guaranteed through signing bonuses?
I think Dust is right, coaches and players are a lot different. When you're a coach, you're pretty much there permanantly.
Players get traded, cut, injured, etc.

Different animals.

This is the way it is because Football players unions are weaker then the unions in other sports.

nothing to do with how strong the union is.

it's the type of sport they play.

in Hockey you have minor league teams (with other teams below them)

they have different types of contracts.

1 way contract and two way contracts.

they only have like as many as 30 players in camp to start, with many of them getting cut or going to the minors.

now in the CFL (and NFL)


if you don't make the big team there's no team to go to.. you're done.

plus they bring in like 60 some times 70 players to camp at the start.

how can you possibly have guaranteed contracts to 70 players? your budget would be shot to hell.

it's just the nature of the sport and it ain't ever gonna change brotha! :cowboy: