Should CFL try the CFN again?

here is an excerpt from Wikipedia about the CFL's "Canadian Football Network"

"CFN was critically acclaimed, credited for raising the production quality of CFL telecasts (which were sorely lacking in the mid- to late-1980s) to near-NFL levels. However, it did not do well financially, and the league discontinued the network after the 1990 season. CFN was also supposed to work like a normal television network in that it was meant to get its money solely from sponsors." This has changed now.

I will call it "CFL Sunday Ticket". If the CFL does not get a fair television contract next renewal, and with the advancement of all of the different media outlets, could the CFL try this again?

Would you pay $10 month for this for 7 months for a "CFL Sunday Ticket". If statistically 25 % of the Canadian population closely follow the CFL, that is over 8 million people, could the league consider this in future. League should at least have a secret backup plan ready.

If 2 million of us pay $10/month X 7 months equates to $20 million a month or $140 million in revenue plus Advertising.

Interesting idea . I like it's out of the box thinking .

I would pay but others ???

My fear is many fans or people in Canada are inherently cheap/lazy and would see 10 dollars as a both a bother to actually act on or see it as a cash grab when they didn't pay anything or do anything before to see the product .

Also are we hurting the casual fan coming to the games when they are not on free TV .

You know, that’s not a bad idea. It has an obvious and major conflict with the deal with TSN, but otherwise has real merit. At that point you might as well see the league negotiate back the rights to stream that feed live as well.

It'll be interesting with Bell now as actually part of the ownership of one team how this might influence something like the reemergence of something along the lines of CFN.

I would pay for it.

However, with the current long term TSN deal and both CFL and TSN thrilled , this will not be happening.

TSN will want 100% rights and the CFL will be happy to agree to provide.

The thing I want most is to have Schultz and Dunigan doing what they do now. I would not like it if that stopped.

Would they end up on CFN?

How many games a week would CFN do?

Would we still have TSN involved?

If not, then would we lose coverage?

I think, lets not rock the boat. I like it as is just fine.

I'm not aware of the costs of running such a channel to say it's a bad or good idea, but inclined towards bad idea.

The primary issue is that the CFL has 4 games a week. That doesn't justify running out of market games on a Sunday ticket system. Frankly, I feel the whole "Viewers don't get games out of market" is BS. If you have a channel to put the game on, it should be on. It's a different story if you as a broadcaster have to choose between two games being played at the same time, but that's not a problem in the slighest with the CFL.

So, now lets look at it being a specialty channel, like say the NFL Network. The biggest issue you have here is that you don't have content when a game isn't on. I mean, how many quality CFL documentaries save for Engraved on the Nation? Also, how much analysis and comentary can you pack into such a channel with 9 teams in your league? I think you'd be starved for content quickly, and risk alienating fans by making them buy a new channel.

Now one good thing about this, is that you can rebroadcast your games for people who might have missed them initially. However, given TSN offers this service via their website and often does via TSN2, it seems unlikely to be a great money driver.

Which brings us to the last point, television is dying. It's a slow death, but it's dying. Investing in a new channel just seems like a poor investment.

Wikipedia also said the CFL CFN broadcast was to many countries. That would be interesting. We could still keep the 4 games per week on cable or streaming

Would anyone still be out there who was involved with this back in the late 80's early 90's that could provide feedback?

I think the CFL is the only league that could do this. All the others are overpriced or too small.

Maybe add CIS games and other CIS football content to add to the programming. And perhaps high level junior content from around the country.

The CFL just renewed the deal with TSN and nothing happens for another 10 years so you can put away your ideas.
Just come up with some ideas as to how they can get more TSN and RDS viewers to watch the CFL.
Also they should be trying to get TSN on the internet without subscribers needing a cable/satellite subscription to log in.

and you can put away your false assertions.
once again, the TSN deal is for another 5 years slim/mikem (til 2021) not 10 years as you continually spout.

I have previously corrected you on this yet you pretend to not notice or feign ignorance.

time to give it a rest troll.

The only way this works is if the TV rights for games and the digital rights for games are split up, because then you could offer cord cutters options to watch games online by buying access. Other leagues are going this way, with things like NHL GameCentre live.

As a speciality TV channel? You'd need games to get people to subscribe in any significant number, and that takes away from the TV rights value. Leagues with lots of games can do it. The CFL is not in that situation. On top of that, cord cutting is accelerating and pick & pay's impending launch is causing the speciality channel market to stop growing (and in a couple of cases, shrink).

An 8 year deal - the original for 5 years, plus 3 year extension. 2021 is still a long way off.
Honest mistake but I guess us trolls are not perfect
I was off by a few years............. :oops: Have I continually spouted that the deal is another 10 years? I don't think so. "false assertions" ??? what does that actually mean?

nice spin slim.
you said the CFL deal with TSN is locked in for another 10 years” on a couple occasions just this past week which is categorically untrue and off by FIVE YEARS.
and it was not an honest mistake because you were corrected on this (and numerous other falsehoods) yet ignore the messenger as per usual while intentionally fabricating inaccurate claims to suit your position.

mikem, slimjim1, slimjim2, CFLGAL

2 million people at $10/month? That's absolutely insane.

I'd never pay anywhere close to that much.

NO! Run a good football league. Leave TV to media companies.

One problem though is that the media companies, unlike the US, aren't doing enough to showcase CIS and junior stars that eventually make it to the CFL. There has to be a better job on the amateur football front in Canada as that will, or should, help the CFL as well with more people knowing the Canadian players more.

It's amazing how many people want to pay for this service, but are against paying for TSN1-5.

First, I do not think the CFL will even consider it .

The CFL-CFN lost a ton of money from 87-90.

Like US expansion, why re-do something that failed?

As I mentioned the CFL-TSN deal is such that it will continue as an exclusive broadcast relationship.

I would, but only if they have the Atlantic Schooners (Halifax) team.