Should CFL teams do a free exhibition game like the Leafs?

See that the Leafs are going an all tickets are free thing for an ex game this upcoming season. Yes, way more ex games in hockey than football but just wondering if this might be the way to go for CFL teams, maybe add on one more ex game if need be.

I think that CFL players should play an exhibition hockey game against the Leafs. That way the Leafs will always be able to look back on that one really big win they had.

I don't think it's financially feasible for this to work in the CFL.

I think there should be more Exhibition Games in non-CFL markets.

Victoria, Halifax, Quebec City, London, etc.

The CFL should plan an invasion in Buffalo for fun, lol

Yup, play a game at Ralph Wilson Stadium with CFL rules, it would be interesting to watch a CFL game on an American field actually.

Absolutely abount the neutral site games. I dunno about the Buffalo game, I don't think we'll ever see an exodus from upstate new york to hamilton...

...the exodus from upstate new york leads to elsewhere in the US... oh that's right, i went there...

This essentially does happen for the Esks home exhibition game. With every season seat you purchase you also get another voucher than you can use for another free ticket to the home exhibition game. And people with no one to give their vouchers to were handing them out like crazy at the front door this year.

CFL teams do provide free shows in 2 ways. Television viewing (sponsored by others) and free promotional tickets due to excess seating capacity. To have a free game for everyone, some people must be willing to afford a financial loss and hope for future benefits as compensation. Richer leagues with many games may be more able to give away one free game.

The riders used to give out the free preseason vouchers, but the last two years have been "sell outs" so they no longer do that as its a money grab. I don't blame them I would to.

Like geroy, I have been saying for years there should be a third Xibition game for each team.
Played in neutral sites, to promote new expansion sites(hope and pray before we all die) and own territorial areas.

We already saw that....they were called Las Vegas Posse Home games! :roll: :roll: :roll:

Same in BC. My son's company has 10 season tickets and got 10 vouchers for the exhibition game.

Thats not so much a free ticket as a bonus ticket but
Considering that the CFL only has 10 home games and the NHL has 40 plus however many preseason games its hardly a fair comparison

The tickets aren't even "FREE" Coca-Cola bought them. Why can't MLSE do something good for once?

sad but true there always seems to be a team each season that does not do well for whatever reason and other teams pick up the slack. I don't think the CFL can afford much free. my suggestion is maybe attend 8 games and your ninth is free! that seems fair doesn't it?

Can you get me 500 of those free leafs tickets Ill put them on ebay so I can finance the rebuilding of my 69 Firebird. Let me know.

Nice Ride BobbyP I got a 77T/A Bandit Y-82! do most Birds and Lions get along? We do!

What do they look like with the top down? (I will add some content to this post as not to get deleted now) Maybe the GC winners could ride in them in their parade.