Should CFL/CIS/TSN Partner on a Rugby WC Bid?

I love rugby both 15 a side and 7 a side. Having played the 15 a side game for over 40 years(and still playing), I am thoroughly enjoying the TSN coverage, although the Kiwi announcers are even more homers than Bryan Hall. I loved playing 7's but it is not a game for old guys. I am very happy that 7's will be in the Olympics but in a perfect world, 15's would be played as well.

I'm guessing you got that from here given that it has the line word for word.. in which case I will go one line further on the page and see:

"By this time, Canadian football had become markedly different from the rugby football from which it developed."

Your right, the game has changed but the trophy has not. It still was not meant to be a Professional Football trophy.

In 1909 the Grey Cup was contemplated as an award for the amateur senior hockey championship of Canada. However, Sir H. Montagu Allan stepped in and offered a trophy, the Allan Cup, for hockey competition. This made the trophy donated by His Excellency Earl Grey, the Governor General of Canada, and an award for the amateur rugby football championship of Canada.

I am not suggesting that the trophy should be returned to its rightful owner, the CRU. I am merely suggesting that as a gesture of good faith, the CFL could make a payment to the CRU for the trophy, that payment could be used in support of the Canadian National team.

I'm not big on 7's or League. Union all the way!

Never watched much League but I loved playing 7's.

The CRU that the Grey Cup was given to is the precursor to the CFL and/or Football Canada. The organization currently in charge of rugby in Canada is called Rugby Canada, which was first formed in 1929 as Rugby Union of Canada, ceased operations in 1939 (I think), and reformed in 1965. It was known as CRU for a while, but it's not the same as the one that was around when Earl Grey donated the cup. ... ageid=4382

In any case, the current value of the Grey Cup is $75,000.00 according to this article,

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That wouldn't do much more than cover travel costs for one trip, if that. The team needs a lot more money than that to run.

That would be $75,000 more than they are getting now. Every little bit helps.