Should CFL Change The Name of The Divisions?

Seeing as how BC is now playing for the Eastern championship.
And how this fact is being used by the usual media types to mock the league.
Who just can’t seem to understand how BC is now in the east?

Anyways, their lack of intelligence aside, why doesn’t the CFL just change the name of the divisions?
Instead of EAst and West, you can name the EAst division after a great Eastern player.
And the west division after a great Western player.

How about the west could be the Parker conference.
And the east could be the Mosca conference.
That way BC will be playing Montreal for the Mosca divison championship.
To play the Parker champion in the Grey Cup.

I know this is simply a cosmetic change, but it would help to shut up the nitpickers
in the media. Who always look for an excuse to trivialize the league.
Just my two cents.

It only seems to bother you ? I have not seen one article calling for a name change or slamming the league. Sports writers poke fun of every pro league, why let it bpther you ? Way more important things to worry about !!!
As soon as Ottawa comes back ,HOPEFULLY . Things will go back to WPG in the west and the Crossover will be put on the shelf.

It wouldnt work, B.C. would have to default rather than play in the Mosca Division under the obscure Willie Flemming clause in the CFL Interprovincial trade agreement.

How about the East renamed the Vince Faragamo DIV. The WEST The Joe 747 Adams DIV. :lol:

We can all pray that expansion happens fast. Then everyone`s happy; no crossover and no 4-14 teams make the playoffs

Life would be sweet with 10 teams, sigh..

Now that the stadium has been approved in Ottawa, we just need a 5th franchise in the East...then the Crossover can be mothballed. The top 3 of 5 teams in each division make the playoffs, no wild cards. The East/West monikers will work fine.

If the league expands to either Quebec or Moncton, that would give us 3 cities where French is an official language, mais oui! :cowboy:

Not really. If you're renaming the East after an Eastern all-star, and the West after a Western all-star, then the league is still separated by East and West...

Winnipeg will go down fighting if they want us back in the west.
Lyle Bauer prefers the east and you can't really blame him.

what Winnipeg fails to realize is that if they go to 10 teams, they have no choice but to put them back in the West...

so suck it up Bauer!

No, he knows we belong in the WEST . We only went to the East because MTL and Ott made a mess of things and folded . When Ottawa came back as the renegades, Bauer had no problem going back to the West. Then they folded AGAIN ! Wpg had to go back to the East. So it will be the same again.

Bauer wants back in the west , he has said it many times. Guy played in the early 80's and knows wpg is a western team at heart. Don't know where mpid got his info :roll:

Dont like your idea. The CFL started the east/west divisions the other sports leagues copied.

If the CFL was going to do something that silly, do it right!
West becomes the Oil and Gas division
East becomes the Manufacturing and Seperatist division

how about the liberal and conservative? then when we get some more teams we can add the block

ooorrrrr how about the darrin flutie and doug flutie?

john candy and larry rickman divisions?

Canadian division vs the wannabeamerican division?

cbc division vs ctv division

mcdonals vs A+W?

this could go on for minutes i say.

when ottawa returns, they could make 3 divisions and call them, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly :cowboy:

I say even 10 teams you still keep the cross over, everyone likes a cinderella story... and the best team should make the playoffs no matter what divisions.

With 9 teams , the crossover may still be on the books, but less likely. With 10 teams , it would be gone. The schedule itself would prevent the crossover.

I completely understand about 10 teams and Winnipeg being back in the West, I'm talking about a 9 team scenario.

Where has Bauer said he wants us back in the west many times? I'm getting my information from a newspaper article that said if Ottawa comes back, Bauer prefers to stay in the east. Makes sense to me since it has recently been a somewhat 'easier' division for lack of a better word. This also serves as posturing for the club, as last time we were forced to move divisions we got a nice little payout from the league.

Many people, including myself, are of the opinion that Winnipeg is a West team at heart. At heart and in the bank are two different things, guess which one wins in a business venture.

Maybe. But a 10 team league would play every team once at home and once on the road.

Since it would be a completely balanced schedule, I think the best 6 teams should go to the playoffs.

Keep the names of the divisions but change the name of the last playoff spot to the Wild Card.