should make a forum section for CIS football?

maybe one of the mods or something will look at this and make it happen, so get the numbers up!

The mods cannot create sections, and as mentioned before, there already is a section for "Other Leagues"

honestly though, the CFL really does need to help promote CIS, it is a joke right now and so is the draft. so i don't think it would be that much trouble to make another section.

don't get me wrong, CIS is great, but it's a joke, it gets no TV coverage and the stands are always empty, thats what i mean when i say it's a joke.

Well that is the fault of the CIS.
Not the CFL

disagree. the two need to work together to increase each other's popularity. we need to be able to follow our prospects all the way to the pros. Take the nfl/ ncaa partnership for example. Vince Young, a native of Houston, gets drafted to Tennessee, every time he returns to Houston attendance goes up because he is a home town boy. It could be the same here for say McMaster and the Ticats, or U of Manitoba and the Bombers, or say UBC and the Lions.

stop moving my posts!!!!!!!!!!! they regard the cfl!!!!!!!!!

they should. Because the CIS is growing in popularity, in eastern Canada,Quebec, and Western Canada, And some universities in Ontario actually have some pride in their teams, Queens,western, Mac, gee gees- imo Double header games would be good P.R for the CFL and Cis.

To get back to the topic, the CIS has placed 4 count em 4 players in the east west shrine bowl. this means that the CIS can produce players on the same level as ncaa. Would it not serve the CFL. and to help promote and give exposure to the CIS in order to help build its fan base , and exploit a source of talent that is specifically trained at the same rules as the CFL???? besides its not the fans that have control, its the BOG and the media outlets, I did see some CIS on the score and it is very good football.that said imo the Bowl Game promotion is very good PR as well :thup: :cowboy:

Go to and ask them to add message boards to their site.
Next thing yo know the CFL will be asked to add highschool football forums.

they should just pin topics in the football (ther leagues) forum at he top of the page. if this is a go, i encourage all you guys and ladies to follo the CIS next year.. better quality football than the TV coverage suggests.

Couple of things.

(1) Until we get an awful lot of CIS posts, keeping them in the "Other Football" section is probably the right thing to do.

(2) It would be nice to see more TV coverage of CIS games, but I suppose that will come in time. The networks are probably waiting for gate attendance to increase to see if the interest is really there.

I'd love to see more CIS games but the Sportschannels would rather just plug into an NBA OR MLB game between whomever, easier for them, just plug and play. Actually covering events takes a lot more resources. Kudos for The Score doing some CIS and Sportsnet I think it is doing CHL games.
As far as a message board here for CIS and promoting it on the CIS website as the forum to talk CIS football, I don't know if it would get enough posts to justify.