Should Calgary keep Kevin Glenn

At this point I think that Kevin Glenn has served his purpose last season but with the evolution of Bo Levi Mitchell should be moving into the #2 spot with Brad Sinnopoli entering his 3rd CFL season should be given the chance to be the solid #3 now that he has expeience. Keeping Glenn would only hold back the progression on both Mitchell and Sinnopoli. Mitchell already has become the short Yardage QB and it may be time to get Sinnopoli involved by giving him a chance to be the holder

Tate has been pretty injury-prone the past couple seasons so unless you think Mitchell is ready to be a starter it would be a mistake to get rid of Glenn.

...what she said

Glenn pooped the bed in the Grey Cup. If he had not and led the stamps to victory or at least had an awesoe game in a shoot out i would say yes keep him but since he pooped the bed it is time for him to go and Michell actually getting playing time in the Grey Cup at QB is a hint that he will be the #2 in 2013

...Glenn will most likely stay on the stamps roster for 2013...After that he'll probably be picked up by Ottawa, where he can be closer to his frozen donut franchise, and everyone will be happy... :wink:

...while KG certainly had an non-resume inclusion game the fact is the entire team stunk in the GC....KG didn't lose the game unilaterally therefore he can't be made a scapegoat...this has been the sentiment here in the off season and unless Huf pulls some sort of trade int he next month or two I expect KG is back in training camp with the other three...

most likely the Huf may keep Glenn in hopes that Ottawa will select him over Mitchell in the expansion draft. Which could be possible depending on what thought process is. McPherson has jumped to the Arena league for a season without a starting job open in the CFL. GM Desjardins may have had a conversation with McPherson while they were both still with the Als before they both left for another team for 2013.
Would Ottawa want a veteran to back up McPherson or a younger rising star. We will see how the 2013 season unfolds to answer that question.

Why would you want to get rid of him? He is a backup who proved he can win you games, and he already restructured his contract. Yeah, if some club wants to make him a starter and offers a trade, do the right this and give him the shot...otherwise, no way.

When huff was asked about the future f Kevin glen on the fan960 he said (paraphrase- sorry no link) "Kevin glen is under contract and fully expects to see him at training camp". The players have all expressed great interest in keeping glen. I like Tate a lot and think he's fun to watch... But as a die hard stamps fan, I fear we now have the next buck pearce just in a stamps uniform. BLM might very well be the future Of the stamps while Tate becomes a buck or Jessie lumsden. I hope I am wrong

I like KG and think he can get it done. Will be interesting how this shakes out. Tate is excellent but yes, injury prone.

So if you were Stamps' HC and Tate was injured you would put in a 2nd year pro who has 21 pass attempts in his career as your starter and expect him to get you into the play-offs?

IIRC Glenn would be a FA in Feb, 2014 if he doesn't sign an extension so it would be unlikely they would choose Glen in the expansion draft.

Huf really really likes the gunslinger Bo Levi. If Tate indeed is injury prone i would suspect that it will Mitchell by the end of the season. Glenn is a good game manager at QB but Huf want a superstar at QB.

I think it would be rad if a team used a first or second year qb as a starter in the cfl. Been a while since we have seen a team choose to do that. Occasionally you see a team down south be successful at it (RG3)

Kevin Glenn has proved he can win games - - as long as it's not a championship game.

And then there's this little thing called a slary cap. Doesn't make sense to be carrying the most expensive back up QB in the league. Especially when a promising QB like 501 Mitchell is the third string. Mitchell's competent enough to be the back up and then bring in a rookie QB to develop a the third string. Dump Glenn and use his salary to upgrade elsewhere.

Other than Ricky Ray, can you name any QBs who were successful starters in their 2nd pro year in the CFL in the past 15-20 years?

Mitchell is 22. He's still learning how to be a pro QB and the nuances of the CFL. Right now he's an unknown since teams have so little film on him but once they see more of him it's going to be a lot tougher. So my question is... why do you want to rush him?

He will not be the starter he will be the #2 and he is ahead of the curve in the way Huff has used him

Which would make him the starter if Tate were injured. I'll say it again - until Tate can go a season without getting injured it would be a mistake to get rid of Glenn because Mitchell is not ready to be a starter in the CFL.

Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick, Joe Flacco, Matt Ryan, Cam Newton, Andy Dalton... More than just occasionally, especially recently.

That said, I think the reason it doesn't happen up here is QBs have to adapt to playing a different game than they have been playing all their lives. Larger field, backfield motion, 12 men, etc. It's probably not easy to just step in and play, which is why we see so few young players play well, or even get the chance, at the QB position. Add in that most try to exhaust all possible NFL opportunities before playing in the CFL and you rarely see 22-year-old QBs in the CFL.

I think thats what makes Mitchell a unique but very good situation. He played in the State of Washington for 2 seasons, after he did not get drafted he did not go the NFL rookie free agent route he went right to the Stamps which leads me to think that he was very familiar with the CFL coming in.
Very similar to another former stampeder in jeff Garcia who did in his second season filled in great for an injured doug Flutie creating a QB controversy. Flutie signed as a free agent with Toronto in Garcia's 3rd season he was the full time starter and the rest is CFL history as they say.
SO although the case is rare I can see Mitchell able to be able to start in 2013 if Tate goes down.

even flutie needed a learning curve, though a short one