Should Braley be booted from the HOF?

This guy has destroyed any good will he might have created by bailing teams out. He sjould have been forced out of the league the very second the ink was dry on the TV deal with TSN back in 2011
He has completely destroyed the BC Lions. Waay more Seahawk fans here than Lions fans.
Now be is refusing to do the right thing and sell the team. He should be notified by Ambrosie that a sale goes through by mid March, or he gets the boot from the hall. Either that ,or revoke the franchise and hand him 10% on top what the league sells it for.
My final words are a picture.

Glade he's still on Board. Others could have bought team but lack cash and or smarts.

Braley turns the keys over to CEO and Wally for there completed direction.
Good man as most owners get evolved like that dummy in Montreal.

I am very grateful to Mr Braley for what he has done for this league.

The Lions are nowhere near to being destroyed

Mr Braley well deserves to be in the hall of fame for ever.

LOL !!! Oh Wow ::), I had my doubts at first BUT there's no questioning it now.......It's definitely Bungle...........Heeeeeees Baaaaack !!! :o

No way, he stays.

What Braley has done for the CFL , far surpasses anything negative.
He has stepped up for 3 teams when no one else would.
Sure, I wish he would sell. That is his choice as to when.

He has not been to a Lions game in 2 years.
As the owner, he does need to be more involved.
If I can get out for 3 Lions games a year, he can also and should.

However, has earned his spot in the HOF.
I have much respect for David Braley.

As for the the " NEW " member, who clearly does not like Braley, he has his right to his opinion.

That is what makes this site fun.

Further, we had a "FORMER" member named Mr. Bungle.

Bungle was a huge supporter of David Braley.
Bungle raved about Braley with such admiration, you would think he was his dad or uncle.

I know, if Bungle was still around he would be very upset at the negative comments directed at Braley by davidbraleymustgo.

Perhaps someday Bungle will return.

BNTG, better than this though. And this is "major league" to boot, or was. 8)

Scorned girl, or worse. :stuck_out_tongue:

braleymustgo is Bungle.

According to other posters.

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You went into long detail.

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It is fine though. I have broad shoulders and a thick skin.

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Braley never even went to a game this seaspn.
lol.. How many people show up to Lions games nowadays? 6 or 7 thousand?. Not even the owner goes..lmao

They average around 19,000 - 21,000

Braley has not been to a game in 2 years . ( fact according to Farjan Lalji )

As for the health problems, even more reason he should sell.

He pays the bills and has the right to do what he wants.

However, it would be great if he would just decide to do what is best for him and the Lions. IMO.

Since moving into BC Place, Vancouver has never gone more than 6 years between hosting the Grey Cup. With Edmonton hosting in 2019 and I suspect either Calgary (maybe a long shot with their stadium but then again Regina hosted with old dumpy Mosaic) or Hamilton hosting in 2019, BC will be due to host in 2020. Perhaps Braley can be convinced to sell the Lions for $15 million, if he reaps some of the profits from another Grey Cup game in Vancouver. The new Lions owners can always be guaranteed a second Grey Cup game within the next 5 - 6 years - profits 100% exclusive to them - to further entice them to buy the team.