Should "borehamgirl" change her username?

Borehamgirl has long been a major contributor to this board. But unfortunately her username forever ties her to a kicker who hasn't played for the Tiger-Cats in several years now. In fact he plays for a rival team!

Is it time for her to bite the bullet and select a more timeless handle? One that is relevant to the team today and in the future?

One might argue that borehamgirl has built up too much "brand value" over the years and should not have to start over. Perhaps the "boreham" name is already more closely associated with her in all of our eyes than with the ex-Ticat player. Maybe the community could never get used to a new name.

In the midst of this slow period at year's end, I'd like to know what people have to say about this vitally important question.

[Note: results of the poll are not considered binding on borehamgirl. But should a clear consensus emerge, she would have to come up with a good explanation for defying the democratic will of her fellow posters.]

Two Much History.. leave it alone

The guy was a terrible kicker. The username makes her look like a groupie and therefore not worth the time of day. We all know better so the usernname should have gone when Jamie was still here. He's always been a bad kicker

He's got a Grey Cup ring and his name on the Grey Cup......and she was one of his biggest supporters during his journey to get there, so, I voted to leave the name as is.


I vote to for her to leave the name as well. That's one aspect of sport that crosses teams, when you identify with an individual player for whatever reason.

Now if he had gone to the blue team, well, hmmm... :wink:

Nobody's bizness who she's having fantasies about :smiley:

I guess it’s officially the off-season… :twisted:

:x ...and it's my 300th post too.... :x

this place just wouldnt be the same without borehamgirl!! give her credit shes one of the few here who have stuck with one username from the start. theres quite a few of us the have had multiple personalities.

Yes bunni, I do see that you've got a few different aspects to your persona that seem to be quite intriguing. :smiley:

thankyou. i know i'm different..not that theres anything wrong with that

Things must REALLY be quiet around here with a topic like this. :lol:
I'd like to know what her boyfriend thinks......but in the meantime I went with the "history/keep it option.'s a treat to have borehamgirl on this forum. She brings a very common-sense approach to threads no matter how crazy things get sometimes.

Although I have never met borehamgirl personally, I consider her to be an old friend, and a good friend, through our many contacts here over the years.
And, since I am old enough to be set in my ways, I would hate to see a change from my comfort zone.

Don't change a thing. She's great for this forum just the way she is now.

That she does.

Such being the case, I think the decision is hers no matter what any of us might recommend.

Geez I can't wait for the season to start!!!

would we be having this poll if her name was Lancastergirl ? or Any other past players ,coaches and other staff ...with respect

I say this website does enugh modifications on peoples posts and rule changes so BOREHAMgirl can keep the name in my books and show support for whoever she wishes . Past or present

Happy holidays everyone ...

makes her look like a groupie

You just removed all doubt ! AkT

Maybe Borehamboy will come back to the hammer some day. :frowning: What about Borehamgoyle. :lol:

There is only one borehamgirl and that should never change. She is the calm reasoned voice that gives direction to many of us. If borehamgirl no longer existed,then let's rid the world of snowflakes and chocolate. :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Meanwhile back at the ranch Borehamgirl remains strangely quiet. :o :slight_smile:

I'll agree but nobody suggested she should leave, not even me