Should Bo go? And where?

If Maier ups his level to Top 2 or 3 quarterbacks in league, Stamps are only a top MLB & a top OL away from being Grey Cup material.

BLM could yield such returns if the trade is made prior to trade deadline - in the off-season his value will diminish.

Ottawa is the team most needing a top level QB. The only question is whether BLM is that guy. He's certainly lost a bit over the last couple years; especially after his arm injuries.

Bo had his contract re neg. Meaning he took a big pay cut. It makes Calgary budget more manageable but more importantly, a good trade bait as other teams have no budget room. Bo must have lots of nagging injuries, a QB of his history should not be discarded so easily - - - another Ricky Ray( GC record setter) boneheaded, nutcake move.
Because Stamps are the most hated Eskimos opponents, our dumbness, hopefully is contagious.

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despite my honest option on where he should go, i think he’ll be in ottawa or sask next year.

55% Ottawa
33% Sask'n
12% Other

If Ottawa doesn't upgrade some of their O-line and WRs Bo might not make it to Labour Day; Sask'n might be the better option as management there has always been hands-on, albeit with some really sour choices at head coach.

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You may be right in saying that Bo shouldn’t be discarded so easily, but I wouldn’t worry about him being Ricky Ray level anywhere he goes. It remains to be seen whether Bo still has anything left and I would say that on his best day he is no Ricky Ray. Calgary, however, may be wise to keep him for now. I like Maier a lot but he is still relatively unproven and having Bo in reserve might turn out to be wise.


Other than name value, I don't see Bo Levi Mitchell being as good as Jake Meier at this point in the game.
Putting Mitchell in for Meier other than for injury is simply NOT AN UPGRADE

I feel a bit sorry for Bo. When he went looking in the NFL the Vikings were looking at signing him but only as a backup to Cousins (who, given a chance,may have beaten out). He refused that, went back to Calgary, lost the 2020 season and then seemingly got old. Being an NFL backup making millions seems like a lost opportunity.

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He sure deserves better than what he got from CFL. Maybe he end up with XFL. The CFL does not deserve his loyalty.

[He sure deserves better than what he got from CFL.

Why? He got paid within the CFL cap, so much so, they couldn't afford QB protection. If he was better he'd have a job in the NFL.

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I Think Bo should have tried a season or two in the NFL like Ray ,Dickenson did and really see where it went ...

no playing time for either one of them to prove themselves .

I think his passion might have kept simmering for the better .

Spock bumping this thread for Kirk.

dylithium crystals are disintegrating fast, she can’t hold up much longer cap’n!


he should sell amway products

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No I would bet that he remains in Calgary and redoes his contract and wait his time.
He is getting old and now is time to play as a back up easier on the body. The only way he gets traded for a lot.

Maybe he’ll stay in Calgary but I think it’s just as likely he will retire. Wherever he goes he’ll only be a backup so why would he leave Calgary to be a backup on another team?

One thing I’m pretty sure of is that he won’t get traded anywhere for a lot and if he’s not traded by the deadline, which appears unlikely, then he’ll be worth even less in 2023. He is immobile, has a weak arm and throws far too many interceptions. I’m betting he’s done after this season. You’re thinking of 2015 Bo.


Retirement is a hard option but I do agree. Relegated to backup, the money isn't great. I think its likely he retires and continues a career in football as a coach or an OC.

Jon you are correct and I think with him being so close to huff and dickenson he may get a chance at coaching some day but a good option right now is backup and learning as you go coaching.


I think he's smart enough they could move him around coaching positions to educate him to become HC, or at very least an OC.


Bo is a slightly slower (afoot) version of Kirk Cousins. He'd be easy prey behind centre with his limited escapability. Cousins, while not a Top 10 NFL QB (maybe not even Top 20) has a stronger arm than Bo. Bo's accuracy was always his earmark - his short and medium passes were always more accurate than Cousins.
A guy like Chris Streveler can snatch an NFL practice roster spot just like that. Streveler, only 27 is also faster than half the RBs in the NFL and amongst the Top 10 fastest QBs down south - he also hits like a hammer at 6'1", 225 lbs. so thats whats kept him afloat on NFL practice rosters and getting spot starts in NFL training camps.
Streveler, if he completes another 2 years on NFL practice rosters will prolly make more money not playing football than Bo makes over his 10+ year CFL career.

How and wh y did this turn into a Streveler thread?

I know that Calgary would like to keep hm as he brings a lot of leadership to that squad. At $250,000 per year the Stamps would still be paying less than this year.