Should Be A Great Matchup

First of all, congratulations to Trevor Harris on his historic performance today. First QB to ever throw 6 TD passes in one playoff game! Beyond amazing!

Really looking forward to next week’s matchup. The best offense vs the best defense. Should be a dandy!

I guess that means RedBlacks vs Ottawa?? ;D

Great game RB’s. Totally dismantled my Cats. Trevor Harris was unstoppable. Now go out and crush those Stumps!

Go get 'em.


Ha ha… touché.;D

Very happy for Trevor Harris. This guy deserves the recognition.

Yes he does after being called out that he has not won the BIG game yet in his career, making it sound like he’s played in 30 playoff games already. FACT is, his playoff record as a starter is ……………… wait for it ……………


That’s it >>>>>>>>>> 1 win on Sunday and 1 loss last year to Saskatchewan in his FIRST year as a starter in the CFL

Go get Win no.2 on Sunday!!!

Thank you REDBLACKS for a great GC effort!

You have some fantastic players there :smiley: