Should Be a Good Game

With both the Tigercats and the Argonauts opening up the season this Saturday, either way, it should make for an entertaining game. I’m not sure who will win this one. Will the Argonauts continue their regular and post-season dominance of the Cats? Or will the CFL’s most improved team beat their arch-rivals from Ontario and win their 3rd in a row this year? Both teams have a great shot at beating the other.

You know who I’m rooting for, and it ain’t Hamilton. However, the way that Toronto has played the preseason did raise my eyebrows (albeit a small raise). While it was only the preseason, it’s tough to get excited about Toronto’s chances against a team that’s beat them twice (exhibition or not). Because the game is in Toronto, I will give the Argos the edge in this one, however, it’s a very small edge. There’s no way Toronto should overlook Hamilton. They’ve improved drastically from where they were this time last year, and, in my opinion, have a legitimate shot for 2nd place in the East (with Montreal occupying 1st).

Anyways, should be a good game and a fantastic way to start the season.

i also think it will be a good game but i gatta give the edge to hamilton. They are playing great this year.

You know TOFAN. You've gotta be the classiest blue team fan there is. It seems like all the other fans of the Toronto team that come to this web site do so just to taunt or insult us. But not you. Good on ya.

I do agree with you, it should be a really good game this Saturday. With the amount of Ti-Cat fans sure to make the trip to catch the game, I can't see there being a home field advantage.

I for one, am looking forward to seeing what both teams were hiding the last two weeks.

This game will be a lot closer than either of the two pre-season games were. I say a difference of 3 points in the Ti-Cats favour.

Thanks jls.......I appreciate that.

While I do hate the Cats and love the Argos, I also like to objectively watch, analyze and discuss sports, and I try to put my bias aside when I do so.......always wanted to be a sports journalist actually.

I gotta go along with this!!! :thup:


Just one thing TOFAN,

It's jl shooter not jls... well you know. :wink:

TOFAN is good, but I still have to pick my pal 'Nut (aka doubleblue) as the best blue team fan around here. He makes great contributions to the site. :smiley:

This is the least confident I've felt about my Argos vs the Cats in awhile.

Either way, this should be a fantastic game and a great way to open the season. I'll be taping the game since I'm going out for the night.....but I hope for a good one. Not sure who's going to come out on top, but either way, it'll be a heckuva contest.