Should Be A Good Game Tommorow - Any Predictions

First of all I would like to mention that the game is not sold out, but will be. I cannot see them lifting the blackout again on T.V, so get your tix now BB FANS.

Watching the Ti-Cats t'nite finally win, great for Ron Lancaster, we don't wanna lose Marshall to them next year, it would be a great opportunity for him but we love him in the PEG.

Tommorows game will be a test for the Defense that has been GREAT for us all year, if they don't crumble and Glenn shows signs of patience such as last game we should squeek out a win. Let's hope the new guys stepping in hold there own, i heard great things about Booker who nearly beat out Warner, let us see.

My prediction is Winnipeg 29 - Montreal 27

Tight game… blah blah blah… Bombers win in the end :slight_smile:

Just over 1 hour to go :rockin:

I hope the Bombers are cocky, but not too cocky. I love a defence that has attitude, they need to be tough SOB's and get at AC every chance they get.
Hopefully Roberts has that breakout game, and Stegal is another star.

WPG 27 Mont 20

36-24 for the blue and gold :slight_smile:. Off to the game now...

Bombers by a TD.