Should Bamba been given a shot as a return specialist

The Riders brought in Sinorice Moss last year to be the return specialist but spent the season injured. Tristian Jackson did an OK job but being an import and not quite sure a starting DB created roster problems if he did not start. Brandon West also had some toubles as a kick Off returner but did Ok when he finally got on the roster. Dressler ended up being the Punt returner and a good one but Taman make it clear he would rather not have his all star receiver returning.
I am sure that Jock Sanders is who they most likely expect to be the returner next year but to let Bamba go without giving him a real look at being a return specialist at camp in 2013 does not seem to make sense. particularly as a NI there would have been roster space on the training camp roster. Aside from being a return specialist there was talk of him also being the gunner on coverage teams but he did not seem to get a shot at that last year either. So a training camp spot for him to add competition to those positions would have made sense.
I wonder if Montreal will show some interest in him as a return specialist and/or coverage teams gunner giving him a spot on the Training camp as an NI would make sense. Toronto also will most likley be looking to ween owens out of return duties and focusing on receiving duties. They have a similar NI reciever in Quincy Hurst who they drafted and kept on the PR last year similar to Bamba's situation. Both where good returners in University