should armstead get a ring?

i'm not sure exactly when jason was sent to hamilton,and it all depends i guess on when he was traded but how late in the season would be your cutoff on whether he got a ring or not? other players have been traded late in the season and still got a ring, not to mention coaches.

just curious, city legend

nope, he will get one next year with us

Holmes will get his ringy.

Should Marcel get a ringy.

Maybe on ebay.

An Argo-Cat fan

are you sure? if the CFL is like any other sports leagues then it would typically be up to the Rider players to decide - vote - if they think players no longer on the roster deserve a ring. With someone like Armstead - I would think that most players would vote on favour of him getting a ring.

But I dunno - not familiar with the CFL practice on this.

I hope he gets one ... he deserves one and he wasn't asked to be traded here.

It has nothing to do with what the players want.

The management decides who gets rings.

I would think you would have to either play in the game, be on the practice roster or be injured on the innactive rost to get a ring (outside of team staff)

No former player that was traded mid-season should ever get a ring from a team that goes on to win after they have been traded....that IMO would be a joke.

All I am saying is that is a known practice in other leagues - the one example that comes to mind is Nomar Garciaparra - traded to the Cubs midway through the year - still got a ring for being involved in the Red Sox first World Series winning team ... from what I recall - Garciaparra said that Red Sox players voted and said that they wanted him to have a ring so he accepted.

I don't think that would be a joke at all. Armstead contributed to the team and wasn't asked to be traded.