Should all CFL teams financially aid Ottawa this year?

Should all 8 CFL teams financially aid Ottawa so they can play this year while they search for a new owner?

Yes, for one year and then, if no quality owner, shut 'er down there. But I don't think that will happen, the city and a new owner will come to an agreement. But the CFL for one year should run the show there if it is needed and if this is possible.

Agreed. If nothing happens in the way of ownership after this season, shut it down, but do give it that chance.

that one last chance, honestly, if Ott doesn't support the team tommorow at the meeting, it should move, but I have no doubt that it will be big and that Ottawa will have the gades for years to come.

all teams should help Ottawa out, no question, they can do it.

Hmmm almost split here. This will be a very difficult decision for the league I'm thinking if they take fans views into consideration across the board, not just in Ottawa.
Could be a turning point in CFL history the Gades situation I'm thinking, either way. Will be interesting to follow.

Absolutely… if Hamilton and T.O got help in 03, then the Gades should get help in 06.

Who is gonna move it if it has no owner?

If there is an owner waiting in the wings for next year I say support it if not either fold the team or move the team to Halifax or Quebec. This team already folded in 1996 so it has a history of failure (unlike Hamilton and Toronto who were also supported), if the league supports this team what says this team won't fail again. But it is hard, especially for teams like the Riders and Bombers to give away their profits to pay for another team, especially when that team pays more for their top qb then either of those teams.

nope. The people of Ottawa won't financially support the Renegades - why the hell should everyone else in the league support them?

If the people of Ottawa can't be bothered to buy more than 2000 season tickets ... Why would any potential owner even consider purchasing a team with a history of low fan support? and, with the looming threat that fans won't show up unless the team is successfull - who would take that risk?

Same thing should go for the rest of the teams in the league - why flush money down the Ottawa (toilet) .. What if the team is crap? Then its wasted money - cuz the fans won't show ... What if the weather is crap? Then its wasted money - cuz the fans won't show ... What if there is a flower parade? Then its wasted money - cuz the fans won't show ... What if the fans decide they don't like the stadium? Then its wasted money - cuz the fans won't show ... What if the fans decide they don't like the new coach? Then its wasted money ... cuz the fans won't show ... What if the ticket prices are too expensive? Then its wasted money ... cuz the fans won't show ...

These @ssclowns have every excuse in the book not to attend games .. Don't give them the choice to attend games anymore ... pull the plug!

This would be a completely different situation had there been 18,000 season tickets sold ... chances are it wouldn't be too hard to find an owner ...


Hang on a second here!

How many of you realise that when the riders folded in 1996 they were the oldest pro-team in professional sports, 120 years to be exact!

To be honest, saying that they have a history of failures does not sit well with me. They have a recent history of lousy owners. Correction owner, as it was the same owner who folded them last time!

I realize they were the longest franchise running BUT they folded once and that once was less than 10 years. If that was 50 years ago or even 20 years ago yah support them but when they get a second chance and can not support themselves again why should teams that break even or barely make a profit give away their cash to support the Renegades? Why should teams that have trouble paying $400,000 for a qb give away their money to a team that does? If the indication out there was that Ottawa can turn their team around like Hamilton and Toronto did I would be all for it but I just don't see this indication from this city.

Do the right thing ... pull the plug ...

If you had a 120 year old grandmother that died once already - and was brought back to life ... and now she's dying again ... just let it happen .. why make her die a third time?

The fans of Ottawa are some sick puppies I tells ya ... who wants to watch Grandma die again?


Same owner at fault.
If Toronto was supported Ottawa should be as well. Toronto got themselves trouble because their owner had absolutely no respect for the cap and paid truly redicilous salaries and then walked away. Like someone said Ott had far better attendance than Ham and the league helped them out.

I think Bob Young should be allowed to fund the Gades this year under the guise of the CFL of course. Then when he has rebuilt the franchise be allowed to sell and recoup the losses. This is not an impossible situation in Ottawa, their average attendence was better then the Ticats and Argos was before the league had to take them over. They just need some marketing and stability (and a few wins of course) and you would see 25,000 fans in FC.

Uhm - last year they had marketing (albeit frat house style) - they had stability (as far as they knew) - and they had wins (they were in first) ... and they had 17,000 fans ... which of course is also an inflated number ..



Hypothetic situation for you. Let's say the league supports the Gades, they find a new owner but end up in the same situation 5 years later, should the league support them again or fold or move them? Basically how many times until the league finally says enough?

The other thing you have to remember about their attendance last year is there were selling $99 season tickets. Not much profit off of those prices and they still had low numbers.

Its hard for me to answer you first post because I am not aware of what happened in 96 and whether or not the league propped them up. If they did not they they should now.

As for the 99$ season tickets. Like I said that is the fault of the owners. Ditch them and find good ones

I'm not really sure where you get your numbers from, but that is completely inaccurate. When the Renegades were above .500, they averaged just over 20,000. Then the lame brains at CFL HQ didn't schedule a home game for over a month. That's when the Gades went down hill. They averaged just under 19,000 per game. And those numbers are not inflated...

let the league support the team this year and look for a new owner as soon as posible weather it be in Ottawa , Halifax or Qubec city it doesnt matter as long as the new owner is commited to the CFL in building a strong franchise
I for one would like to see a 10 team league