Should Acquilini buyt Lions?

With Lions owner Brayley becoming a Senator, and all the legislative distraction that will bring - not to mention owning 2 CFL francises and the seeming 'conflict of interest' issues potentially associated with that, it's hard to conclude that the Lions may take 3rd place attention and suffer as a result. I'd love to see Acquilini buy the Lions. Not only does it secure local ownership, but could inspire a great 2-team marketing campaign that could bolster our local sports scene.

braley is a damn fine owner and there is no conflict of interest. Conflict of interest would surely take place in having one person own both the lions and the canucks as the canucks would always come first

I agree that Braley is a great owner; but since last season he has become owner of another CFL team and appointed a Senator. My point was that I think this has significant potential to backfire as far as the Lions are concerned. Brayley has his limits - as does anyone - his ability to be effective on all 3 fronts. Over time something has to give.
Also, a ‘conflict of interest’ occurs when you have 2 competing teams within the same organization - namely the CFL. The NHL and CFL do not conflict, but they can if managed well, compliment each other and promote a healthier local sports climate.

Braley's left the Lions in a condition where he can let the people in charge of the team run it and not worry about it.... in a few years I'm sure Toronto will be the same... so I don't think he'll be over-taxed with all 3 things.

There's a good chance Aquilini buys the Lions eventually...
He's already been reported to be wanting to buy the team.
Either way, when Braley sells the team he won't have any problems finding an owner.

Nevermind them, the ownership group for the Whitecaps is much stronger, local (for the most part), and will occupy the same venue. The cross-marketing possibilities are better with them too

What distraction? He's a senator!

No he should not he will put the canucks #1 and put the lions as a after thought.

Braley appoints people to run his teams and then stays out of the way. Being a senator just lets him collect a few more frequent flier points between Ottawa, Hamilton, Toronto and Vancouver.

Quite frankly I could care less who owns the Lions franchise. What I do want to see is the Lions "owning" the opposition on the field!

As far as any conflict of interest goes, the only one I see is Braley playing for one franchise in Ottawa as a "Senator" and owning another franchise in Vancouver. Now, THAT would be a conflict of interest! :lol:

HELL NO Braley is doing a great job