Should AC be offensive player of the week?

I would think so...I didn't see any other quarter-back do anything better? Kerry Watkins can also be a candiate.

Derek Armstrong, Henry Burris and Joffrey Reynolds would also be good choices

I was just going to suggest Henry Burris. His passing numbers are just as good as AC's, with the exception of the pick. But he also had 62 yards rushing and a TD.

I vote for AC More yards no pics and he only played a little more than 3 quarters

Yes I am biased but this is the Als section :wink:

Avon Cobourne... He was the go to guy this week. He gets my vote.

Dude, it was against Hamilton. Divide his numbers by 3 and that's what he would have done against any other CFL team.

Offensive play of the week is never determined who they are playing against

Cobourne is a good choise as well. I never thought of him

AC wins O player of the week!