Should a CFL Team Host an NFL Pre-Season Game?

The Riders have nixed a Raiders - Packers game at Mosaic, the Esks have denied bidding, but apparently the Bombers are making a play.

I agree with Bob Irving`s comment on this.

Altough Bob’s post might look harsh, he is not over the point. But what’s the point anyway of hosting this game?

Edit: will Green Bay return the favor by hosting a Roughriders/Blue bombers pre-game? (rhetoric question)

If hosting an NFL pre season game is going to bring in additional revenue for the club and in the Bombers case for to the stadium, I don’t see how this is a bad thing.

Make Bomber season ticket holders the first in line to purchase tickets before going to the general public. with about 33K seats, it can beleveraged to increase those along the way.

In hockey I wonder what impact does NHL pre season or regular season games have on the SHL, DEL etc…

I wouldn’t have a problem with it as long as the game is not scheduled head to head with other CFL match-ups. The team and league could use such an occasion for some cross promotion.

ABSOLUTELY NOT. (caps denote my disgust in the BB)

what they are going to witness is going to be bad so I say let them do this. They will appreciate what they have in the Bombers

Also the BB hold all rights to any football in the stadium, that's what I remember from their financial statements so if they can sell this out a $100+ then go ahead. Don't know how much they can sell the tickets for but if it is like tickets in the US that will be another shock

Preseason football is terrible, but I have no issue with a CFL team hosting an NFL preseason game. Any additional revenue is fine by me.

There are probably better options down south than in Winnipeg anyway. I hear San Antonio wants an NFL team. The Raiders should probably try milking off that teat first before Canada (if Saskatchewan doesn’t align).

NO !

100% agreed.

heard rumblings that another event only left 1.5 days to turn the stadium around in Regina…a supposed driver in the pushback.

I could moderately understand some level of resistance in a couple markets that potentially have the population to attract a team long term and get that…but most cities it is not a concern.

Plus…a crappy week 3 preseason game might turn people onto the CFL more.

Money talks…if it helps with some bills…great.

What, the so called Super Bore being the worst football game ever was not enough?

why would we want to give the NFL that much more exposure in Canada.

people want to attend an NFL game, let them go south.

I have no problem with an Nfl exhibition as long as it it is not played at the same time as the cfl host city and any cfl televised game that week.
Heard one report that riders outright nixed it. Then shortly after heard that riders and league felt it wouldnt work as the riders play less than 24 hours after NFL game. Change of fields and locker rooms and other set up an issue.
I wasnt planning on going, not for an exhibition game, but if the cfl team and league as well as city got a cut of profits why not.

I dont want the NFL in canada permanently, but if the cfl/team get a cut why not.
They do have a stadium to pay off.
Nfl is already more exposure in this country by its tv partner, at least get some money out of it.

So not only does the CFL team not get any revenue but Canadians take their money out of the country.

Doubt the will ever happen, but they need a stalking-horse so that other US cities don't TOTALLY them for the facility rental.

I liked the super bowl...but I recognize I like a defensive game more than the average

It is an exhibition game in a market that is never getting an NFL team. There is no "what if" built in other that what if a few Canadian markets can rake in a few bucks in the future. It is an opportunity for many fans who may never get to a live NFL game to experience it. And it is a game that will see few reps from its stars...and might make them appreciate what is already there a little more. Not seeing a lot of downside.

its not always about money.

It’s just a pre season game, and if a CFL team can profit off of it, why not ?

And what makes Bomber brass think Wpg. football fans with no skin in the game will pay likely exorbitant prices to see a meaningless pre-season NFL game? They better study the numbers.

NO !
Yes !! for sure. CFL will tie into partnership with NFL in next 5 years. Win Win. A must!! Without major set back. Please don't cry about that stupid expansion years ago by an offshoot bunch of nothing. This a solid NFL factor.

Is it up to the team to decide who rents the stadium to put on an event? Do they have a say in a concert who plays in the venue.