Should 1040 be dropped in favour of CKNW / AM 730?

Between Jeff Patterson’s tirade against Lions fans last Thursday and 1040’s reduced Lions coverage, I’m thinking the Lions should drop 1040 and switch the broadcasts over to CKNW and AM 730.

The Whitecaps and Giants are on 730. The Lions would be far better suited on a station that can give them exclusive coverage. And CKNW has a huge audience. The current format on 730 is getting them nowhere and they could use the Lions as a boost especially before the Western Final.

It’s no longer relevant what 1040’s committment to the Lions was in the past. This is here and now.

Can Rick Ball and Guilio switch over to 730? How does all that radio rights stuff work? Can the broadcasts be switched over to another station if the Lions feel the current coverage doesn’t meet their expectations?

....the radio station and the club will have a signed contract for a specific time period that has received the approval of the CRTC and the league....if one party to the contract is not living up it's end of the deal then I suppose the contract could be challenged, but it's doubtful that the contract has to carry a clause that says the radio station is a total homer station that will always support the team.....would you sign a contract like that? I know I wouldn' upheaval against the station is an option, call in and voice your displeasure with the way 1040 has handled their coverage, an angry listener might not get attention, but 10,000 angry listeners will...

Also, you forget that Dan Russel hardley ever gave the Lions much air time when CKNW had the broadcast rights. Russel would rather talk "Hypothetical" Canuck trades in July than CFL football.

Be careful what you wish for.

Cknw was no better than 1040 . They were Canuck obsessed just as much as the team. All Vancouver media is Canuck obsessed, we can't win.

I think 1040 has done a great job with the lions broadcasts, no reason to change at all

Other than all those stupid ads. The GMC 1st Down Marker, The Great Casino end zone.....barf!

No Team 1040 has done a decent job. Their pre game and post game shows have also been good.

Team 1040 did a great job until they won the rights to broadcast the Canucks - and after that happened, just like when CKNW had both broadcast rights, the Lions played second fiddle. I don't care who has the rights to the broadcast, as long as that station doesn't also have the rights to do Canucks games.

Only then will the Lions get the coverage they deserve.