Shotgun on 2nd and 1 from the 5?

What was that?

How about a QB sneak for a yard? You'd get two cracks at it.

Instead, Williams trips over his own feet for a loss, killing any chance at a TD.

Nice call Marcel. Nice play Richie.

It was a bad play call.

I thought it was rather ironic how the fans practically gave Ritchie a standing ovation when he came on because they were so tired of Printers, and then he promptly fell flat on his face.

It was a zone read, and he should have given the ball to Jesse. He had no business pulling it down… he would have never got to the outside.

Dumb call, dumb play.

Bad call, bad execution.

An Argo-Cat fan

Why would they do what works?

I absolutely lost my mind when this happened. Totally unacceptable and this kind of play call and execution is why we lost tonight and why we continue to lose.

  1. The situation: Jesse just had a 9-yard run (his best of the game at that point to boot!) and we were 2nd and 1 on the 6 yard line. Printers goes down with an injury, we have a small break and Willaims comes into the game.


Hand the ball back to Jesse or even Piercy on a regular power running play and get the first down (or possibly more). If he gets stopped, do a QB sneak with Williams on 3rd down.

Then with a first down inside the 5, you have SOOOOO many options. It’s so easy…right?

  1. Execution: Okay, so we call the option play and line Williams up in the shotgun. Stupid call, but it’s 2nd and 1 so worse case scenario we throw an incomplete pass or Jesse gets stopped at the line. Right?

WRONG! Williams pulls the ball down instead of handing it to Lumsden, proceeds to fumble it then falls on his own fumble and we lose 3-to-4 yards.

GREAT PLAY! But I don’t blame Richie who was fresh off the bench, I blame the play call in that situation given everything that had happened. Richie made the bad call look even worse with terrible execution of the play.

Embarrassing, brutal, pathetic…those are just a few words that come to mind for me when thinking about this whole scenario.

Idiot call.
You could feel the stadium wake up from its sleep when Richie went into the game.
I think people are tired of Printers already.
But as pointed in another post, he had no one open to throw too alot of the time. The offensive plays and selection are awful. And boring..........aleast make the loses exciting to watch. The guys making the exciting plays were the Dbacks and linebackers.

Bad call, bad execution.

An Argo-Cat fan

Just my "very tired of seeing the Cats kicked around" opinion...

Good Coaches can rarely win a game for the team. They put their players in a postion to succeed and stand back.

Bad Coaches can however lose games for their team. Tonite, again we all saw BAD coaching decisions.

Good Coaches learn and adjust as they go. Have we learned what works on 2nd and 1. NO.

Have we thought about what the opposing Defensive is likely to key on? Maybe, but 9 out of 10 football fans in Canada expected Jesse to run up the middle on the first play of the game. Sooo predictable.

Do we make adjustments. NO we stand there shaking our heads and watch the same plays over and over again.

Obie was a great acquistion. Obie has brought in some good looking new talent. The talent level is not too bad and the Front Office seems to be fine.

Is now the right time to replace Coach T. No, not at all. It was last year. Then it should have been when he was doing his Virginia tour. Football is about passion, dedication and committment. (You can't be 110% committed while your considering other job offers) Did anyone else notice the look in Jesse's eyes at the beginning of the 2nd half. He wasn't thinking about what to put on his pizza after the game or his next contract. Look at the eyes of opposing coaches. Look at the body language of Coach T.

You can't back up, so it has to be now.

WE couldn’t believe our eyes when Williams lined up for this play. Everyone was screaming for the run. That cost us the game period end of story. Should have come away with 7 not 3. HUGE coaching mistake!

In addition no adjustment at half time to the Defense in shutting down the middle option that was so effective for the Eskimos. Good pressure for most of the game but Ray still had the outlet dragging across the middle and he was always open. Coaching????

I was beside myself when I saw them lining up in the shotgun on this play.

Figure I must have read the down/to go clock wrong.

The only way I could see a coach arriving at this decision is if they had a lot of money riding on the 'under'.

Jam it for 1 yard and take 3 cracks at getting 4 yards for a major. HOnestly...what playbook wouldn't do that???

These are the things that still really bother me when I watch this team.

brutal call,how ironic it was amateur night last night,the amateurs were on the field,my first game of the season and what a dissappointment.I left with 8 minutes left with a migrane from the play and the loud music after every it really needed to play music after every play!!!I knew the Cats were going to blow it!!!!crappy team,crappy crowd ,crappy experience,i wont be back after they show me they are worth spending $100 buck on!!

Lock it up. This sums it up perfectly.